20 Most Useful Websites Everyone Should Know And Bookmark

Most Useful Websites

There are millions of websites on the internet but on those websites which are useful for us, getting this information is a little difficult. So don’t worry, here we will tell you Most Useful Websites Everyone Should Know And Bookmark and those are useful for everyone Like for computer users, smartphone users, programmer,s or office worker these Most Useful Websites are for all.

My recommendation is that every computer and internet user must know about these Useful Websites because these websites can come to work at any time. so if you want to know about these Most Useful Websites so read this post till the end.

Let’s start exploring these Most Useful Websites=>


Most Useful Websites

If you download so many free books or movies, images, software, music so this website can be so useful. it is an online free digital library, here u can download millions of free books and many more. It is a non-profit organization and they try to provide maximum things free of cost. It is a free digital library from here you can download so many things absolutely free and enjoy then.


Most Useful Websites

This is a very important and Most Useful Website for those who have so much work with screenshots. It happens much time that, if we work on the computer so we have to take screenshots but we didn’t get better quality and good resolution screenshots. Here anytime you can to take high-resolution screenshots, you can also take a screenshot of a full web page. this website works on every type of screen mobile, laptop, big size computers. So in the future, if you want to take a screenshot so screenshot.guru can be so helpful.


Most Useful Websites

Some so many people want to learn new languages like Chinese, French, and many more from home. So if you want to learn any language free of cost online at home, Duolingo.com is a free website from where you can learn so many languages of the world like Spanish, Japanese, and many more. They also have their app which also free and available on every platform like android, iOS.


Most Useful Websites

This website is for those who use the internet and in this modern world who don’t use the internet, you are reading this post because you use the internet. So if you use the internet you must know BugMeNot.Com because this is so much popular and useful. With the help of this if you don’t want to log in or signup for any website so you can get a login password of that from here absolutely free without signup or login other then this, if you want to share any website’s login password so you can share it here.



It is also a screenshot website you can take any web page’s high-resolution screenshot but the difference is the screenshot will be saved and stored here for a lifetime. So if you take any screenshot of any web page and after some time the owner of that web page changed or delete it and if you want to see their old page in future that how it looks so you can see it here.


Websites Everyone Should Know

This website is especially Most Useful Websites for those who do graphics work or are in the graphics field and use graphics so much. With the help of this website you can use any graphic software and with the help of this website you can create a vector and export it in PNG or SVG file and all things are free here.


Websites Everyone Should Know

This website is Most Useful Websites Everyone Should Know And Bookmark this because of those who use the search engines or so much search in google. Do you know Google tracks your all activity what you have searched? what keyword you have typed? whatever you do on Google? so this is also a search engine like google but the difference is duckduckgo.com doesn’t track your activity. What you search on the internet, what you see, what type of keyword you type. It doesn’t matter and doesn’t track any information. So you are totally free on this search engine.

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Websites Everyone Should Know

This website is for those who do online shopping. If you do online shopping you must have listened to amazon and purchased something from here. Sometimes this would have happened that you have waited for a price drop of a product, like a smartphone or any other, and decided that when the price will drops then I will purchase but you didn’t get the information about the price drop.

So what actually camelcamelcamel.com does it tracks all orders or product price of amazon and when the price of a product drops it informs you. So if you want to track a product’s price on amazon so you can go to camelcamelcamel.com.


Useful Websites

Sometimes you have seen that you have to send some MBs or GBs file to someone thru mail like Gmail. So as you know you can not send a file more than a size of 25mb on Gmail, but if you want to send a big size file like any software or a zip file of so many documents or photos of more than 1 GB then you can use wetransfer.com. It can transfer up to two GB files on any email and the good thing is everything is secure here and you can send a file on multiple emails.


Useful Websites

Sometimes you may have a PDF file and you want to convert it into a text file or in excel or word file but you think about how to do this, so onlineocr.net can help you. From this website, you can convert any PDF file into a text file and the best thing is that you can convert any PDF file in any language.



This is also Most Useful Websites for everyone either they are a student or an office worker or anyone who is learning computer or who likes reading books. If you are searching for any book in pdf or any new book, so this can be so much useful. Here you and find any book in a PDF file and read it. You can also find an update on any book. If you are a programmer and you need a programming book so you can find it here and download it for free and read it.


Everyone Should Know And Bookmark

This is the Most Useful Websites for those who click so many pictures from mobile or from DSLR, but sometimes it happens that the background of the picture is not as good as we want. So if you want to remove that background completely then you have to use any heavy software like photoshop or any mobile app and it takes so much time.

But if we say you can easily remove any picture’s background with 100% accuracy only in one click then you will not believe but you can do this with remove.bg. You just have to upload pictures and then click on remove background and done. You can use a computer or smartphone but remember one thing that the face in the picture should be clear.


Everyone Should Know And Bookmark

This is important for everyone. With the help of this free website if you have a very long text document or if you are a programmer and you have a source code and you have to send exactly it as it is, then simply copy that source code and paste it into pastebin.com and create a link and send it to anyone.

He can click on the link and it will open and he will be able to copy and paste that source code. You can also set an expiry time or a date so that after that time the link will be deleted automatically and no one will be able to misuse it. This website is mostly used by programmers but you can also use it for office use.

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Everyone Should Know And Bookmark

This is the Most Useful Websites for YouTubers and bloggers. If you are a blogger or YouTuber and you need many free stock images, videos, or photos for your blog or videos or you are a student and you need images for your presentation or you need any type of free stock images of videos than these two websites are so much popular. You can download any type of image which is available here and use it anywhere without any issue of copyright.


Everyone Should Know And Bookmark

This is the Most Useful Websites for programmers and students who are learning programming or engineers or you can use it for creating any type of diagrams. For example, if you are a programmer and you have to create a flow chart for a program so you will use software but, will not have that software everywhere or on every laptop or computer so in this condition, you can use draw.io. it is a free website and you can create any flow chart or diagrams here for free.


Most Useful Websites

This is the Most Useful Websites for those students who want to learn programming or website development then w3schools.com will be so much help full for them. If you are a programmer or learning programming and if you search on the internet so you may know about this because it is a so much popular website.

Other than if you are new or just started learning so you can learn many programming languages from here. Like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Python, Java, and many more and improve your programming and web development skills. you also get here practical options with theory so you can also try your practical skills.


Most Useful Websites

This is useful for those students or users who are a little bit lazy and they don’t like typing. You may have seen that many times we have to type so long page or paragraphs and we become so much tired like cant type any more than dictation.io can be so much helpful. On this website, it automatically types whatever you read or speak.

You will be amazed to know it types 100% accurate and it is not compulsory to speak in English you can choose any language listed here and you can also change language at any time. After typing you can copy and paste the text anywhere and use it as a document.


Most Useful Websites

If you use any type of software, application or any type of document or any book and you want to get its alternative or anything like it. For example “SHARE IT” is a popular android app and if you want its alternative so go to alternativeto.net and type SHARE IT and search.

It will show you all alternatives to SHARE IT. It is not compulsory to find only an app alternative, you can also find any website’s alternative like YouTube and any other and all things are totally free here.

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Most Useful Websites

This website is useful for all types of users because whenever you go for any job, first of all, they ask for a resume and you think creating a professional resume is so difficult. So you just go to a cyber café asks them to create your resume or if you try to create so it will take so much time, but if we say that you can create a professional resume in a pinch.

You will not believe it because in a resume you have to type so many things like name, address, qualifications, and many other things. But with the help of a resume maker. online you can crate your resume so easily just go to resume maker.online and upload your image and fill in your details and after that, you can save it as a pdf and send it where you want.


Most Useful Websites

It is not an eating pizza site. It is so much useful because it provides us facility of pear to pear file transfer. If you want to transfer a file so this will transfer the file from one browser to the second browser and another person will not be able to read or hack data. we will not take any guarantee of any type of safety and security but they assure that they don’t save any data of users and don’t sell to any third party.

Data will be transferred only pear to pear and after that, it will be deleted. so it is useful but we can’t say how much secure it is. You can use it to transfer small files and others but don’t use it to transfer any confidential data like bank id or password.

So these were the 20 so many useful websites and these should be known by every user. If you like this post so comment us on your feedback and suggestions.


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