How To Become Successful On YouTube And Earn Money From YouTube $1

How To Become Successful On YouTube

Most people think about how to make a youtube channel, How To Become Successful On YouTube, And Earn Money From YouTube. So here we are going to explain how to create a YouTube channel and how to make it popular and successful and earn money from our channel.

In this digital world, social media is so much popular and the most powerful tool for making money online.

Now a day YouTube is a popular and useful platform to get Information, Entertainment, and of Corse for earning money, But how can you earn money from this? first, you have to create a channel on YouTube and upload useful videos on it, But it’s not so simple as this.

Here we will understand all things step by step. So if you want to know how to make a youtube channel, How TO Become Successful on YouTube,

Be with us and read the post till the end defiantly you will get all the information about how to make a youtube channel/how to create a channel on YouTube, How To Become Successful On YouTube, and How To Earn Money From YouTube. All information about these, so lest start =>

How To Start a YouTube Channel

The first thing you need to know how to make a YouTube channel/how to start a youtube channel, So first we learn how to create a channel on YouTube step by step =>

  • Create a Gmail ID => First of all we need a Gmail id to login to YouTube. If you already have Gmail ID then it is good, you can use the same Gmail ID from which you access your Google Play Store or google account. For creating a Gmail account open in your browser and then click on create an account.
  • Fill all the detail in blocks name, username, password, your username should be unique than on the next page your country, birth date, recovery mail id, gender, and after all click on create an account. now we have a Gmail account and ID.
Become Successful On YouTube
  • Next, go to your browser’s search bar and type and click on sign-in, and fill in your Gmail Id and Password, which we have created earlier, after signing in, click on manage your account on the top right side, there will be an option to create a channel, click on it, then click on get started, In the next tab, you will have to choose your channel name, you can keep your same name or you can choose a custom name as you want, then click on create a channel.
  • In the next tab, you have to upload a logo or a custom image that you want for your channel. Then on the downside, you have to describe your channel like channel information, what for is this channel, which type of videos you will upload on it and what is the purpose of your channel, which type of your channel is informative, tech, entertainment all details about your YouTube channel.
  • Next, you can add links to your website if you have any and social media like Facebook, Twitter, and then save and continue.

Now we have created our YouTube channel successfully.

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Now we will move to the most important part, which is uploading content and videos, when you have done with the creation of your channel, you will get the option of uploading videos, right side on the top, you can find the create option, where you can upload videos.

Many people have created channel and uploaded videos on their channel but they are not getting views and subscribers, So what mistakes they are doing that they are not getting any views or subscribers, So what’s next, what to do to get views and subscribers and become successful, and earn money from home.

Don’t worry We will tell you some very useful and important tricks, which are used by every successful YouTuber. If you are not getting views or subscribers or you are new to YouTube and you have uploaded many videos but not getting results, so after applying these tips you will get so much benefit and start getting views and subscribers time by time.

You will start growing so fast and after a time you will be getting millions of views and subscribers. So read every tip very carefully and apply it to your YouTube channel, defiantly you will get lots of benefits. If you want to know all these tips so read this post till the end and must apply it to your channel.

Top 5 Most Useful Tips To Become Successful On YouTube

Optimizing The Videos

If you want to Become Successful On YouTube, then you should focus on video optimization, as video optimization is very important for YouTube to become successful.

If you have any tutorial or tech channel or any knowledgeable content that you are sharing or you have just started your channel, then you must know that video optimization is very important because at starting no one knows you and your YouTube channel.

You don’t have any views, subscribers so no one will get notification of your videos, then the only way to get some views and watch time on videos is video optimization, although you can get some views on video by sharing it on social media.

Video optimization is very important because from this you will get organic traffic, which is very important for any search engine’s algorithm. So if your video is optimized, it will rank on the search engine based on the algorithm and will show them who needs this. They will watch it till the end, and from this, you will get a good watch time.

Time by time, watch time will increase, and videos will rank up, and videos will be recommended to many others, that’s why video optimization is very important, for optimizing your videos, the first thing that you should remember is “keyword” If you are making a video then the keyword that you have used in the title and discerption, is very important because from this your video will be optimized.

If you don’t know anything about keywords, then go to google and search about keywords, and learn what is the keyword, and how to do keyword research.

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When you will understand this, you will be able to use good keywords in your title and the description, like if you type computer on the YouTube search bar, so the computer will be a keyword, and you will see results related to computer. If you use keywords in the title and the description, so your videos will show in recommendations and suggestions.

So the keyword is very important, you must use keywords in your title, and try to repeat your keyword minimum of 2-3 times in the description of your videos, you should also use tags in your videos, and always use the same keywords, that you have used in your description.

Write your video description in 3-4 lines and try to explain what you are going to serve in your video, So when anyone will search that keyword somewhere your video will show, and you will get some views & watch time, and defiantly your video will rank up.

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Create Attractive And clickable Thumbnail

If you want to Become Successful On YouTube, then you must pay attention to thumbnail, as most people make this mistake, they give their full attention, full effort on video making or production like there should be a good voice, good video quality, good background music, it is also very important, but its second part is the thumbnail, which is very important, and many of us don’t focus on it.

They think just create a thumbnail in 2-3 minutes and post a video, and after that, they will get views and subscribers, but after that, they ask that they are not getting views and subscribers, now what should we do? you must focus on the thumbnail, even though you have to spend more than half an hour, but your thumbnail must be simple, attractive, and clickable.

If users see or read your thumbnails, then they must click on them, only then you will get views and watch time, for example, if you want to get some information from YouTube about computer hardware, you will type keywords in the search bar, and you will get many videos in suggestion, but from the top results, first of all, you will see which thumbnail is most catchy, convenient and attractive.

Then whatever you will like, you will click on it. Your thumbnail must be in the same way, only then you will get views and watch time. If people like your content in the videos, then they will subscribe to your YouTube channel. Other than your thumbnail, your title also must be attractive, catchy, and simple so that if anyone reads your title he must click on it.

Take time and make a thumbnail and title that must be, simple, catchy, and capable to explain your content so that users must click on it, but you don’t clickbait on it because it causes negative impacts on videos, which results in negative comments and dislikes on videos, the thumbnail must be related to your video, and should tell about your video.

Watch Time

As per YouTube’s algorithm, watch time plays the most important part in YouTube videos. How many people are watching your videos, how much time they are watching, how many times they are watching, what is its watch time, It plays the most important role to become successful on YouTube because, as per this, your video is recommended to many others and with other videos

Most of the new Youtuber make a mistake at the starting time, they don’t have views, watch time, and subscribers and they post long videos like 10 minutes,15 minutes, and more. At starting, no one knows you, so it becomes difficult for users to watch long videos of new YouTubers, and they don’t like to watch long videos of unknown YouTubers.

So if you are a new YouTuber, then try to make short videos like 2-3 minutes or a maximum of 5 minutes, so in this way, you will be able to gain some watch time, and the user will take some interest in your videos. Don’t make long videos, make short and simple videos, and those should be easy to understand by users.

After some time, when you get some subscribers, than you can make long videos and then people will watch your long videos.

Consistency And Quality

If you really want to become successful on YouTube, and after a time, wants to get thousands and millions of views, subscribers, and earn money from YouTube, then it is compulsory to maintain consistency and quality on your channel and in videos.

Many of the new YouTubers assumes that if they have posted 10-20 videos in 1-2 month then this is enough and now they will get millions of views and subscribers. This is not good because it doesn’t happen, you have to maintain consistency,

You must post 1-2 videos every week or 8-10 videos in a month, or you can keep a timetable, and according to that post videos, quality also plays a major role, so even you shoot video from mobile, but try to give your best. If you don’t have DSLR, so you can purchase it after you earn money from YouTube.

If you have a laptop or mobile, so you can make and edit videos with it. You can also use screen recording with a mobile or laptop, but remember that your voice quality must be clear, and there shouldn’t be any annoying background sounds like traffic or a dog barking extra, people don’t like this, so try to make your voice clear.

Build Trust

If you really want to become successful on YouTube and want to get millions of subscribers and earn money from YouTube, then making and maintaining trust with subscribers is very important.

Never cheat your subscribers, never provide wrong information, never tell them anything with which they lose money like if you make a video where the title and thumbnail are different, and the video is providing any other information, It leaves negative impacts on users.

When they will watch these types of videos, they dislike them and never subscribe to your YouTube channel and leave a negative comment, and because of this, you can be demotivated, always value your viewers and subscribers who are watching, commenting, liking your videos.

Try to answer their comments it will build communication and brotherhood between you and subscribers, so they will never leave your channel, and whenever you will upload a video, they will watch, like, comment, and share your video, so after a time, you will become successful on YouTube, and your channel will grow more.

So, these were the top five tips to become successful on YouTube, and these tips are used by most of the successful YouTubers, and if you apply these, your channel will also grow, and you’ll become successful on YouTube.

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Earn Money From YouTube

If you are a YouTuber and you are making and posting videos on YouTube, then your main motive is to Become Successful On YouTube and Earn Money From YouTube, but how to get paid from YouTube, and when will you start making money, what to do to make money, how much time it will take, here we are going to answer your all questions step by step =>

  • The first thing that you have to know is, there are eligibility criteria for monetizing your videos on YouTube, you have to follow YouTube monetization policies, and as per policies your channel needs 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months, and 1,000 subscribers, after achieving this target, you will be eligible for placing ads on your videos, and start earning money.
  • If you want that, Whenever you will become eligible for monetization, YouTube should notify you so that you can go to your YouTube channel and click on monetization, and then click on notify me when I’m eligible, so whenever you will become eligible to Earn Money From YouTube, they will notify you.
YouTube channel
  • Suppose you became eligible for monetization, as you have completed 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers, and youtube started showing ads on your videos, then how will you get your earned money in your account, because YouTube doesn’t transfer money directly in your account.
  • You have to go to Google AdSense’s website, and log in with the same email id and generate a pin. there will be step by step instruction to generate a pin you just have to follow that instruction.

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  • After generating a pin, google will send you a pin verification letter within 2 to 4 weeks, in the letter, you will get a pin verification code, which you have to fill in the same google AdSense account to verify your address, and from this, your address will be verified, but remember one thing, you can only generate a pin when you have 10$ in your AdSense account, that means first you have to earn a minimum of 10$ from your channel.
How To Become Successful On YouTube And Earn Money From YouTube
  • After this, you can add your bank details to your Google AdSense account, and then every month, your money will be transferred to your bank account, for adding a bank account to Google AdSense account, simply go to the AdSense’s site, click on payment and then add the payment method, and fill in your details and submit, your bank account will be added.

How to delete YouTube channel

If you have created any YouTube channel and because of any reason if you want to delete your YouTube channel then how to delete YouTube channel, so here we are providing information about how to delete youtube channel =>

If you want to delete your YouTube channel then

  • First of all, open on any browser
  • Sign in to your YouTube account
  • On the left side of your YouTube window, click on settings
  • In the settings, click on advance settings
  • In the advance settings in the last option, you will see delete YouTube channel
  • Click on delete channel
  • In the next window, it will ask you to sign in again to confirm your account
  • After signing in, in the next window, click on I want to permanently delete my content
  • Then checkmark in the option box
  • Click on delete my content
  • Your YouTube channel will be deleted.

Thanks for reading this post “How To Become Successful On YouTube And Earn Money From YouTube” till the end if you find this useful and like this post, so please share and comment, so we will be able to understand your response, and try to provide batter posts and services.


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