How To Search In Google, 16 Wonderful Best Ways To Use Google

How To Search In Google

Everyone uses google in a very simple way although, we can do much more from this without learning anything technical. Just be with us and we will tell 16 Wonderful How To Search In Google, Best Ways To Use Google, and google searching -tricks that can be very useful in your daily life and make it easy.

It will be so easy to understand If you will also try these 16 Wonderful Best Ways To Use Google, How To Search In Google ideas practically on google as well as with reading. So let’s start our google searching -tricks =>

Count a multi-digit number

If you have a big number or multi-digit amount like 4758965847596 so how you will count or read like one ten hundred thousand ten thousand extra, But we can make it very simple open browser and type the text in the search bar like this 475869584796 = English and the result is 475 869 584 796 =four hundred seventy-five billion eight hundred sixty-nine million five hundred eighty-four thousand seven hundred ninety-six

how cool is this? Is it not a Wonderful Best Ways To Use Google ?

 Best Ways To Use Google

Download movie from Google Tips & Tricks

Sometimes it happens, if we try to download a movie from a website or from another movie link they only make us fool and only showing adds or redirecting to other spam sites, right so what is the simple solution=>search in the google movie name and then google drive like = iron man movie google drive if it is available on the drive or someone has saved or uploaded so you can easily play it online or download it.

 Best Ways To Use Google

Experience a so old Widows 93

You may be using Windows 7,8,10, but if you want to experience a so old widows like widow 93, then it is also the Best Ways To Use Google => Simply type windows 93 on google search, and then click on it, and then in the next window, click enter and then windows 93 interface will be opened, and you will also be able to use it as an operating system.

Rotate or Mirror Google

You may have searched all things in google in a simple way like anything but not in a fun way what happens if we rotate or mirror google simply type google mirror and you will find google mirror at top of the search just click on it and all thing will show as we see in the mirror.

 Best Ways To Use Google

Play a Game

This is for whom, who work on the computer for hours and sometimes they feel to play a game for 5-10 minutes so they can simply search Pacman doodle game and the game will be on the screen no need to go anywhere just play till you want.

How To Search In Google

Find information from an image

It is Best Ways To Use Google If you want to find information from an image or you want to know who is in the image (person) then Google has a feature for you, google search image/reverse image => simply search images, go to images, find the camera, there will be an option to upload an image or type image URL and you will be able to find image details.

How To Search In Google

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Keyword Research

If you are a blogger or a YouTuber, then you must know about the term SEO and its importance, So here we are going to tell you an SEO trick which you can do with Google when you try to type something on the search bar, it automatically shows some suggestions on the search bar, so from this you can easily find out what do actually people search, and it can be helpful in your content writing or video making and SEO management.

How To Search In Google

Flight Current Status

If you travel most of the time by flight, go here and there by flight daily. So from here, you can check the flight’s current status easily => type flight and the name of that flight like flight go air g8 329 and it will show you all status details of the flight I think this will be so useful for you.

How To Search In Google

Fun Trick

It’s a fun trick if you like fun making then you will like it. Have you ever done underwater swimming and If you want to see google underwater simply type in the search bar google underwater and click on the first search result your google will be underwater?

16 Wonderful ways How To Search In Google

Alternate of your favorite website

This may be the Best Ways To Use Google and useful for everyone, if you have any favorite site and you want that google search result shows you all similar websites. Simply type related: and you will find all similar sites of your favorite site.

16 Wonderful ways How To Search In Google


This is important and useful to all because we all do calculations in our daily file, If you want to calculate 34+45+5+8+76, So you will open a calculator on your computer or you’re mobile, But we have a very simple trick, click on the search bar of your browser, type your calculation whatever you want to calculate, and click on search or enter and you will get the correct result.

google tips and tricks

Find Lost Or Stolen Device

Sometimes your phone may be lost or stolen or maybe somewhere left in-home, so you can easily find the location of your phone. Then How To Search In Google? Simply log in with the same email id on another device and search in the google search bar find my device you will find all details of your device like the last seen location you can also give a ring on it even it is in silent mode or erased data from it.

google tips and tricks

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Find Upcoming Festival Or Weather

It is a very interesting trick some of you may also know this. If you want to find the date of any upcoming festival like when is Holi, Diwali, or weather of somewhere simply type in search bar Diwali 2020 or weather of Delhi it will show you the exact result.

google fun tricks

Search For Latest Information Or Article On Internet

If you search or read so many articles on the internet or search for the latest information on something. Simply type what you want and click on tools and there will be an option of the time period on the left side like a week, hour, month, select what time period you want and click on search, so you can find if someone has written on this topic in this period.

google fun tricks

Copyright Free Image

Important for bloggers / YouTubers / online businessmen. If you want a copyright-free image for your post or something, then How To Search In Google ? so just type your desired item name like computer vector click on images, then click on tools, then click on usage right and then select creative commons licenses, you will find Right free thousands of images, and you can use those images for your blog post or YouTube videos or for anything you want.

Language Translation

It is also Best Ways To Use Google, Sometimes we find some words from any other language that we don’t understand, and we want to translate them into our language, So you will use a translator for this and it is a long process, other than you can go to google, and type the word like how are you in French or any other language, it will instantly give you the right result.

google fun tricks

Find Notes On Any Topic

You may be a student or you may want notes on any topic so how can you get it, then these can be your best google searching tricks and but How To Search In Google easily

Just go to the GOOGLE search bar and type your topic and then in pdf like software engineering study material in pdf, and you will find that easily, you can download and get the printed hardcopy of them without wondering anywhere, other than if you want in another format just type file type and you will get it.

google fun tricks

These were our 16 Wonderful How To Search In Google, Best Ways To Use Google which can be used in our daily google usage if you like this post plz comment yes.


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