11 Most Important Google Ranking Factors You Shouldn’t Ignore-Ultimate Guide For Free

google ranking factors

Hello, friends hope you all are well, if you are a blogger or website owner, then you must know the importance of Google ranking, if your website or blog posts are not ranking on Google, then you can’t get organic traffic on your website,

And, if there isn’t enough traffic on your website, then you can’t earn money from it, so here we are going to tell the 11 most important google ranking factors, and if you follow them, then defiantly your posts will rank on google.

Google works to provide the most useful and relevant content results, and for that Google uses its algorithm, and finds the most relevant content from all over the web, and then shows it in top search results. In Google’s algorithm, there are more than 200 Google Ranking Factors, and as per those factors, they decide the google search ranking of the websites.

If you are here and reading this post, that means you want to learn about google ranking factors, to improve your website’s google search ranking or google page ranking or google website ranking, these all are similar terms,

And if you talk about SEO ranking factors, somewhere they also talk or indicate about google ranking factors, so here we are going to learn the 11 most important google ranking factors, that you must follow to rank your website or posts.

11 Most Important Google Ranking Factors

Everyone tries to make SEO seem really really complicated but ranking number one on Google is actually pretty easy, now it’s easy to see why it would seem complicated, Google themselves have said that there are over 200 signals, 200 factors that determine who shows up number one and how doesn’t show at all,

Google Ranking Factors

If you understood these 11 most important google ranking factors of Google, then you can rank number one, so let’s start with the four most important google ranking factors these top four Google has straight-up identified and corroborated that these are the most important things for ranking well on google.

Applicability Of Content

If you are searching for something like how much should I feed my pet and google returned with results about feeding a chameleon, that would not help you in any way, and google’s job is to help users find what they’re looking for and provide them accurate results

So having content, articles that answer very specific search terms, something that somebody’s actually looking for, is very important, you can’t just write like one tip for fishing and hope that’s gonna rank, really it’s should be a response to somebody’s specific search.

Quality Links

We have talked a lot about links on this website, and we talked about not going and actively building those links, but what I am going to tell you is that high-quality links to your website are one of the most important signals to Google that your content is authoritative.

So if you want to rank your website quickly then you should defiantly build some quality links to your website, so, that will signal Google that your content is trustworthy and authoritative

But, what we don’t advocate is spending a lot of your time seeking out those links using any sort of black hat link building techniques and even spending a lot of time on the so-called white hat link building techniques, this is probably not a good use of your time.

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User Testing

User testing is a technique of google, and Google uses this technique to know about the quality of your content, user behavior, satisfaction, and more, it is also known as a user acceptance test,

In this test, google shows your post in top search results so that users click on your post’s link and read it, and if they spend time on it, and engage with it, then google gets a signal that this post is worth to rank on search results,

When your article shows up in the search engine’s result page the SERP, if people click on it because it has a good title and a good description that entices them to click on it, that’s a signal to Google, once they’ve clicked on it and if they stay on the page for a while, that’s a good signal to google,

If they click through to another article on your website, that’s a positive signal to Google that your content was helpful and relevant to the user. If instead, they go to the article, and they come right back out,

And, they go to another article of any other website, which signals to Google that your content didn’t help that particular user, and may not be the type of content that should rank for that particular search, you can do well on this by doing a couple of things =>

  • Write good headlines that entice people and that should be good and descriptive of what the content is about
  • Have good long meaty posts that entice people to stay on the page longer
  • A good internal linking strategy linking to other articles that are on-topic

Link those on-topic articles that readers would be interested in reading, this is going to entice people to click through to other pages on your website, these tips are going to help you to be able to get a good user experience and get a better score form google.

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Domain Rank

A lot of people will try to attribute a number to this like I have a domain authority of 60 that’s not what we’re talking about, here we’re talking about the overall health of your domain,

If you have a domain that has been penalized in the past by a user using really spammy techniques, or you have a domain that is brand new those are domains, that Google is not going to attribute much trust or much authority in the short term

What Is a Virtual Private Network

It’s going to take some work to overcome that, but over time as your domain gets some history behind it as you have more and more articles that are doing well with this user testing, as you get good high-quality links to other articles on that website that domain becomes a domain that google can trust and so, therefore, you’ll be able to rank much higher much faster on google page ranking, rather than when you start a brand new website

So, these Google ranking factors at the bottom of the pyramid are the most important and the most difficult to do, but when you are creating new content, then besides just writing good content on the right topics, there are many more important Google ranking factors in this pyramid that Makes your content better and helps in getting a good ranking on Google. For every single one of these, I’m going to give you a specific tip=>

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Content Age

We’ve talked about how new content on a brand new website can often take a long time to rank, but if old content doesn’t rank as good as new content, how will you combat that, the fact is that, if you’re writing about something where age doesn’t matter, let’s say you’re writing an article about the Pythagorean theorem, well that hasn’t changed since Pythagoras if you have a ten-year-old article on that it’s probably going to be just fine

if you’re writing anything about news, technology any of that kind of stuff that’s constantly changing, let’s say you are talking about camera models or maybe how to set up a wi-fi router, that is going to be totally outdated within just a few years, so let’s say you did write an article about wi-fi router and how to set them up well what you could do to help that content to continue to rank well

Despite being older there are a couple of things that you can do, go in and tweak that content, modify, and update it regularly at least once a year, but even better when you’re creating new content that is really time-sensitive like let’s say best hoverboards 2019, what I recommend is that at the end of 2019, you go update that article to best hoverboards for 2020

Ninja tip here doesn’t put the date in the permalinks, if you write the headline best hoverboards for 2019 make sure you put that 2019 out from the permalink, you can update the headline just fine but you don’t want to be changing your permalinks.

Social Signals

If you are active on social networks like Facebook, then it can be a huge waste of time to try to build up a giant following, and the fact is that, if you do have some social community going on that you can leverage to help your blog, it actually sends really good signals, and gets good traffic over to your blog posts really quickly which can help you rank much more quickly, and better in the long run, so how do you do this without wasting a ton of time

Well, the first tip is, don’t use Facebook, it’s probably not going to be effective at all at getting your message out to your audience in any sort of a timely manner, but if you have a good podcast, if you have a youtube channel, those are two of our favorite ways to build up a following around you and your topic, and then as you create new posts, new content, you need to leverage that audience, need to find a way to get them from where they are over to that post on your website

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Page Load Speed

This is also one of the most important factors in google ranking factors, in the past, we’ve talked about this as sort of a pass/fail test, if you’re in the bottom like 25%, then you’re probably not going to do that well for SEO, as it’s becoming a more and more important in SEO ranking factors to Google, as more and more people are using their mobile devices, and this one’s really hard to do

Go in another browser window right now and open up google page speed insights and go check one or two pages on your website, if your page load speed for mobile is above about 60 then you’re doing extremely well, most WordPress websites can’t even get there, and if you bellow that then you have to work on it

Internal Links

These are links from one place on your website to another place on your website, and in the user section, I talked a little bit about how you can use internal links to get people to click through on your website more, which will signal to Google that your content was helpful and relevant,

But more than that having internal links on your website that people actually click well signal to the google that, that article being ranked, and that the article is linked to, is also very helpful and authoritative and will help the ranking of that particular article

So, how do we get internal links to work for us, most people know to have them, but if nobody’s clicking on them, then they don’t do us any good, so let’s say you have an article about UTV’S and in it, you want to link to another article you wrote, where you’re recommending your favorite UTV roofs, so in the article, you might say something like you may want to buy a roof for your UTV and the word roof is a link to your article

There are two problems, two big things missing, the first is where is this going to take them is it an affiliate link to amazon, is it a Wikipedia article, they have no idea, and second is what are they going to get when they click on that link

So if instead, you said something along the lines of you know you may want to get a roof for your UTV and I wrote this other article about my favorite roofs for UTV’s well by saying that, I wrote this other article they know what they’re gonna get an article about roofs for UTV’s, and they know it’s another article on your website, there’s no question at all, what they’re going to get when they click on that

So they’re much more likely to click on that you want to sell every single one of the links that you post in any of your articles to get people to click on them

Images And Videos

Having multimedia in your blog content actually in itself is a ranking factor to Google, a little while back, we came across a website that was all about like what’s the difference, and it would compare two different things, and in like all of their blog posts they would just have an image

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We’re talking like a classic painting image, and they did that because they wanted to signal to google, well we have this multimedia in our article, but they don’t want to go spend the money on stock photos for their website, now that’s one thing, and okay maybe that will help signal to google you have multimedia, but it’s far better to have useful images, and useful videos in your blog content mixed in with all of the written content as well.

Organizational Information

Just information about what your site is, who you are as the writer google wants to know that the content that you’ve written has some authority to it, and so if they have no clue who it is that wrote it if they have no clue what organization is behind it, it’s gonna be a little bit suspect to google

So here’s what you need, you to need an about us page, and you to need to just describe like what is your purpose, what’s this website about, having good terms of service and a privacy policy for your website which WordPress has made very easy for you to do those things are gonna signal to the google that this site is at least legitimate.

Outbound Links To Quality Sites

Again google wants to see signals that your content is accurate and authoritative, and so occasionally and when it makes sense having a link to an authority on the subject can actually increase the authority of your own website,

For example, let’s say you’re writing something about taxes in the united states, well you definitely should have links to IRS gov to wherever that thing is cited in the tax code so that it can signal to the readers and google that what you’ve written is accurate.

All of these are things that google has ways of actually measuring, but what Google is trying to do is use these metrics to measure the authority of your website, and the helpfulness of your website, so what’s at the foundational core of writing good content and ranking well on Google is, to have accurate and authoritative content that’s extremely helpful to the user.

Ok the rest of the pyramid is full of literally hundreds of other ranking factors that Google uses in their algorithm to decide who fits wherein the search engine results, these are things like have you set your canonical tags right, have you know indexed category pages to prevent duplicate content, have you put alt text in all of the images on your website

These are things that people will tell you our SEO best practices, but in our experience, they have never held us back form ranking number one, in fact over half of the article we write ranked number one on google when given enough time

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Other Pass/Fail Google Ranking Factors

There are a few other Google ranking factors, that we have found to be sort of pass/fail these are the things that you should just do, if you don’t do them, it could totally hold you back but doing them in a certain way, it doesn’t necessarily boost your ranking in any sort of incremental fashion.


You need a WordPress theme that is designed to be able to handle mobile devices and can provide good speed and minimum load time.

Duplicate Content

On our creator studio, we tell our writers that never write a quote that’s longer than three sentences, you should never be copying plagiarizing content or images from other websites that you don’t have the rights to use yourself

SSL Certificate

Having an SSL certificate on your website, today isn’t gonna really prevent you from ranking, but it won’t be long before this is just going to be a deal-breaker in the eyes of google.

Broken Links

Broken links on your website, if you have links on your website that don’t go anywhere, it’s a bad signal to google you need to fix your links.


Here we have discussed most of the important Google ranking factors and SEO ranking factors and if you follow them then defiantly your posts and website will start ranking, and time by the time it will rank on the first position in google page ranking, but you should always that content is the king and you should always write good and authoritative content.

Keep Learning And Keep Sharing

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