What are Extensions? | 41 Best Chrome Extensions-Ultimate Guide For Free

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Here we are going to learn everything about Google Chrome Extensions, whatever you need to know about them, and about How to use Chrome Extensions.

  1. What is Google Chrome?
  2. What are Extensions?
  3. How to Download Chrome Extensions?
  4. Best Chrome Extensions
  5. Importance of Extensions
  6. How to remove an extension from chrome?

What is Google Chrome?

Google chrome is a cross-platform web browser developed by Google LLC and first released in 2008. Google chrome is mostly used for keyword search, URL inspection, viewing page source, and search works. It is a secure, trusted and highly recommended web browser, most web developers and bloggers use google chrome because with its development extensions chrome becomes so much useful for SEO, keyword research, website inspection, and other development work.

Google chrome is available in 47 languages and supports all devices like computers, tablets, smartphones, and all. Google Chrome doesn’t come as a default browser but you can set it as the default browser by small settings. You can add extensions in chrome as per your requirements and make it more efficient and useful for yourself and it will make your work easier and faster.

What are Extensions?

Extensions are small software programs used to increase a browser’s work efficiency, extensions work as an extra hand for browsers to make them more helpful and efficient and increase their functionality. Google Chrome has so many various types of extensions like security extensions, web development extensions, blogging extensions, photo extensions, search tools, and others.

Extensions are built on web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Extensions increase your workflow as if you have added an SEO extension in chrome then you can do your all SEO related work from that extension on the same web page, no need to open a new web page or website on another window.

How to Download Chrome Extensions

It is so simple to download extensions for google chrome, just go to google and search google chrome web store, click on the first option and you will be directed to the chrome web store. Google Chrome web store is a store of google where you can download different types of themes as dark mode, black, colorful, and various type of extensions as per categories, features, ratings for chrome.

What are Extensions

Download Chrome Extension

There are two ways to search an extension for chrome, if you know the name of the extension and all details about it which you want to download then go to the search bar in the web store and type the name of your extension, find your extension in the search result then click on it. By clicking on it you be directed to its download page click on download and your extension will be added to your chrome.

What are Extensions

If you don’t know the name of the extension, just you know your requirement then go to the search bar and type your requirement as if you want a screenshot Extension then type screenshot then click on categories, select your extension category from all categories as accessibility, by google, blogging, fun, development. Then select feature of your extension as runs offline, by google, and other, then select your rating preference as you want only 5-star rating’s extension or 4 stars and so on.

After setting up all the preferences you will see the results for the screenshot, click on any which you like, check reviews and details, and if you like then click on download and completing installation you can do settings as you want in extension.

Download Theme For Chrome

The same process with the themes, select theme section then select categories and ratings after these settings select any theme which you like from results and click on download after downloading your theme will be activated in chrome.

Best Chrome Extensions

We have learned what are extensions and how to download chrome extensions, here we are going to tell you about the most useful 41 best chrome extensions. We have divided extensions into 6 categories as =>

  1. Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers
  2. Best Chrome Extensions For Developers
  3. Best Chrome Extensions For Students
  4. Best Chrome Extensions For Productivity
  5. Best Chrome Extensions For Android
  6. Best Chrome Extensions For SEO And Keyword Research

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

If you are a blogger or YouTuber then these best chrome extensions will help you a lot in being updated with new trends, knowing about other websites, writing, marketing, and other work.

Panda 5 – If you are a blogger then you must search for blogging news, updates, new trends, people’s interests, and other things to write a new blog post. and for this, you may visit many news sites and search in many tabs but with this extension, you can get your all favorite website like dribble, product hunt, Github, hacker news, medium, and many more in one place it will save your lot of time and keep you updated.

Google Input Tool – Every blogger write posts, but everyone is not able to write posts in English or you may want to write posts in any other language of your choice then it can become difficult, but with this extension, you can write posts in any language in which you want to write. google input tool supports more than 40 regional languages and translates your script perfectly in your selected language.

Best Chrome Extensions

Simple Allow Copy – Sometimes it happens that we search for some information on any website and after getting the right information we want to copy and save it in any other document for further use but can’t do it because the owner or admin of the website may have disabled right-clicking or copy-pasting in his website. With this extension, you can copy-paste data from any website, just turn it on and you will be able to copy data from any website.

Window Resizer – If you have any website or blog then it should be responsive to all devices like computer tablet mobile and if it is not responsive to all devices then you can face negative impacts of it on your website and in its ranking. You can do this easily with window resizer, you can check how your website is looking on any device and then can optimize your website for that device.

Best Chrome Extensions

Grammarly For Chrome – If you are a blogger or writer then you must know about this chrome extension and if you don’t know about this extension then you are missing the golden tool. It is a boon for bloggers because it automatically corrects your all spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. With this extension writing and correction becomes so easy and if you want premium support then you can buy its premium plan.

Page Analytics – If you have a website then you always need to know your website traffic, your page views, bounce rate, and all other and for this, you open your website’s analytics on another web page but with this extension, you can check your website’s analytics on your website page. Page analytics provide all analytics details of any page of the website on that page, you don’t need to open analytics on any other window.

Best Chrome Extensions

Easy Blog Commenting – If you are a blogger then you must know the importance of backlinks. Commenting on others website and blog posts is also a way of creating backlinks and if you like creating links form commenting on others blog then it will be so much useful for you because the Easy blog commenting add-on will automatically fill the name, email & URL field in the WordPress blog comment field, thus saving a lot of time & improve your productivity.

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Best Chrome Extensions For Developers

Here we are going to discuss some Best Chrome Extensions For Developers and programmers which will make their learning, programming, and web development easier and faster.

JSON Viewer – If you are a programmer or developer then you must know about JSON files, whenever you go to view any page’s JSON file it becomes too difficult to understand because of its view all the thing in one row without any spacing or gap. JSON viewer makes this simple and easy to understand by customizing JSON files.

What are Extensions

Daily.dev – If you are a developer or programmer then it is a must for you to stay updated with the latest programming news and for this, you may search and visit many websites. Daily.dev is a perfect solution for this because this provides all programming-related news and updates in one place. Here you will get all the content in one place CSS-Tricks, Smashing Magazine, web.dev, and +350 sources. In other words, no more wasting time searching for high-quality articles. Install daily.dev, open a new tab, and you’re all set.

Enhanced GitHub – Every developer knows about GitHub and the issue with GitHub is that if you want to download any particular file from GitHub then you can’t download, you have to download the entire folder or directory. Enhanced GitHub helps you to download any particular file from GitHub. It displays each file size in every active branch, you can copy the file’s content directly to the clipboard, it shows a download link for each file and from that link, you can download that file.

What are Extensions

Exadiv: View & Extract CSS – If you like any website or web page’s style and you want to know what CSS they are using so for that you will view its source page. Exadiv helps designers or newbie learn more about design from another by extract CSS properties value on any website, you can view and extract any website’s page CSS on one click no need to go for its source page.

Quick Code – If you are a new programmer or developer or you want to learn to program free of cost then Quick Code can be so helpful. Quick Code browses free courses from various online education providers like Udemy, Edx, Udacity, Eduonix, Quick Start, Treehouse, and more. Here you can search for free courses on different subjects as Java, Android, Python, Swift, Flutter, JavaScript, and many more.

What are Extensions

Session Buddy – If you browse many tabs at a time and if you shut down your system or it crashes then getting back all tabs from the last point as these were before the shutdown is quite difficult but with the help of session buddy you can save and restore your sessions. Session buddy works as session manager and from it, you can save open tabs as a collection and can easily restore them later, can recover tabs after a crash, can see, and manage all open tabs in one place.

Web Developer – If you are a web developer then this can be a master tool from the best chrome extensions for you. Web developer adds a toolbar button with various web developer tools, with this you can customize, resize, modify your images, you can check JavaScript and CSS of any website, can check the responsiveness of the website, you can remove cookies, clear cache, and many more. It is a complete web developer tool and if you want full access or want to use its all tools then you can visit their website.

What are Extensions

Best Chrome Extensions For Students

Here we are going to discuss some Best Chrome Extensions For Students, these Extensions are worth for every stream of students, and will make their learning and work easier and faster.

Mercury Reader – If you are a student or love reading articles then you may visit websites and read different articles their but when you open an article these you get so much clutter like so many ads, images, links, and other distracting and disturbing things. Mercury reader removes clutter from all your articles just open any article or page which you want to read and turn mercury reader it will clear all clutter from that page.

Video Speed Control – Sometimes it happens that we watch any video but did not get an option for speed up and slow down. The video speed control extension allows you to manage video speed simply. You can: rewind, boost video speed, advance, and slow down the video. If you’re watching a video and want, for example, to play it faster then the video speed controller will help you.

What are Extensions

Tell Me More – Sometimes it happens we read something and get any word which we don’t understand or we need more information about that word and we search in another tab but this extension provides you the meaning and explanation of any selected word or paragraph on the same page. Just install and turn on this extension and whenever you will select any word it will show you the details of that word.

Noisli -Everyone faces this issue, when we try to work or focus on something then other noises disturb so much and we need to listen to background music to cover that annoying sounds and focus on our work. With Noisli you can create and listen to your own personal sounds and create a helping environment to help you to focus on your work, complete tasks, reduce stress, and help you to relax.

best google chrome extensions

Vid IQ Vision For YouTube – Whenever we search for any information on YouTube, we get hundreds of results but which is good and can answer our query, we can find out it only after playing that video, and sometimes after watching the video we feel that we have just wasted our time.

Vid IQ can help you in that because it shows you the percentage of likes and dislikes on any videos before opening it. Just search for any query on youtube and point on any video, Vid IQ will show you the percentage of like and dislike on that video and you can decide to watch or not. With Vid IQ you can save your time and get help in getting better results.

Memorize – This is a worth download tool for students from the best chrome extensions. This extension works like an alarm that reminds you to awake at your set time same with this extension, if you want to memorize some questions or want to find answers to your question then you can enter your question in its question box and set the reminder period and it will remind you about that questions every time after that time period.

best google chrome extensions

Dark Reader – If you surf the internet so much or read so much on the internet then the bright screen can harm your eyes or you may wish to view all sites in dark mode but themes can only dark your browsers, not all websites. Dark reader allows you to view all websites in dark mode, it increases your readability and protects your eyes.

Weava Highlighter – If you are reading something on the internet then sometimes it happens that you find something important and you want to highlight it then how to do this, Weava highlighter helps you in that you can highlight any word or paragraph on the web or pdf and create your search collection, with the help of this extension you can save your precious time.

best google chrome extensions

Best Google Chrome Extensions For Productivity

The main work of extensions is to increase the productivity of the browser, save time for the user, and provide most of the information in one place. So here we are going to tell some best chrome extensions to enhance productivity.

Full Page Screen Shot – If you are a blogger, YouTuber or a student, or any person who is working on any project then you may need some images or screenshots for your project or video or blog post and when you take a screenshot from your computer you didn’t get good resolution screenshots as you want. With Full Page Screen Shot, you can take high-resolution screenshots of the full screen and can edit them as you want.

Calendly – Calendly is a most useful chrome extension for them who needs reminders and who attends so many meetings and for organizing all the things they use different apps or any website to save their meeting and reminders. With Calendly you can arrange your all meetings and reminders in your browser and can access them on any web page, no need to open any app or new web page to view your calendar.

best google chrome extensions

Email Extractor – If you work in the digital marketing field or if you want to promote your business online then email marketing is a well-known way of promoting businesses and products, for email marketing and promotion you need bulk emails and the Email extractor can help you a lot in this. It automatically extracts email ID’s from any web page. This Extension automatically fetches valid email IDs from the web page, you can copy-paste particular email ids you need or export all of them to a text or CSV file.

Amazon Assistant – If you do online shopping then you must know about Amazon, it is a well known online store. Amazon Assistant is an official amazon chrome extension, here you can do shopping, product comparison, get new deals/offers information, and track the 30-days price of any product. you can access it on any web page with one click, no need to open a new tab, or any app.

best google chrome extensions

AdBlock – It is a must-have extension from the best chrome extensions to improve productivity. It happens when we open any page or article then we see so many ads on that page and it becomes annoying and difficult to concentrate on the content. AdBlock extension blocks all ads from the web page and makes it simple and easy to read. In this way, we can save time and get information properly.

Bitglass Google Docs Offline – If you work on google docs then to access them you have to go online and without the internet, you can’t access them but this extension allows you to access google docs offline. With this extension, you can create, edit, and view your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and all without any internet connection. So anytime if you don’t have internet even then you can use your google docs.

best google chrome extensions

One Tab – Most of the people who use the internet have faced system slowdown issues because of high memory consumption and it happens when we open multiple tabs in any browser. One Tab extension is a perfect solution to this issue because with it you can save up to 95% memory and reduce tab clutter.

Whenever you find yourself with too many tabs just click on One Tab and it will convert all tabs in a list and when you need to access the tabs again, you can either restore them individually or all at once. When your tabs are in a row you will save up to 95 % memory because you have a reduced number of tabs in google chrome.

Click & Clean – This extension is so much useful and important to enhance productivity. If you want to clear cookies, browsing history, searched URL’s then you have to go to the browser’s setting and then you can do this and for checking any malware on your computer you will install an antimalware. This extension does all the work on click, it removes cookies, browsing history, cache, searched URL, temporary files, download history, search for malware on one click.

how to download chrome extensions

Best Chrome Extensions For Android

So many people use a smartphone for most of the work instead of using a computer, but there is no simple way of installing chrome extensions in the smartphone’s chrome. If you are a technical expert or if you know programing terms then you can go for it by exporting files finding the missing file and other.

Therefore here we are going to tell the best way to have the best Chrome Extensions on your Android phone, Just go to the google play store and download the Kiwi browser, this is not google chrome but it is based on chromium and WebKit so the interface is same as chrome and this browser supports most of the best chrome extensions. Go to the kiwi browser’s settings and here you can activate any extension of your choice.

how to download chrome extensions
  • Ad Block – you can activate the Ad Block extension on the kiwi browser it is the most powerful ad-blocking extension which can remove the most intrusive ads.
  • Pop-up Blocker – you can activate the Pop-up Block extension on the kiwi browser it is the most powerful Pop-up-blocking extension which can block the most intrusive Pop-ups.
  • Night Mode – you can access night mode with customizable contrast and grayscale mode to protect your eyes from any harm and enhance readability duration.
  • Grammarly – Activate Grammarly extension which is so much helpful for writing, correction, grammar mistakes, and all other writing work.
  • Unlock Facebook Web Messenger – You can use Facebook web messenger and chat with friends without downloading its app.

You can add translator which translate in 60 languages and many other extension in kiwi setting.

Best Chrome Extensions For SEO And Keyword Research

If you are a blogger, website owner, or digital marketer then you must know the importance of SEO, how much SEO is important for website ranking and you may visit so many websites for SEO information, keyword research, analysis, and many more. Here we are going to tell the best chrome extensions for SEO and keyword research.

MozBar – It is the most useful extension from the best chrome extensions for SEO. It provides all in one SEO toolbar, MozBar gives you instant information while viewing any page, it creates custom searches by country, region. MozBar gives you details of domain authority and page authority of any website, finds keywords on any page, provide details of links, and differentiate them as do-follow, no- follow and all other.

Alexa Traffic Rank – If you are a blogger or website owner then you must know about Alexa Traffic Rank and the importance of it. This extension is an official Alexa Traffic Rank extension. It provides you all details of any website Alexa ranking on the same page you don’t need to go on any other web page.

how to download chrome extensions

SEO quake – SEO quake is a most recommended extension from the best chrome extensions for SEO. It is a complete SEO tool which provides you all SEO Metrix in seconds as estimate keyword difficulty, complete SEO audit of a webpage, social statics for Facebook and google+, full report of internal and external links, keyword density, and many more. With this extension, you can get all SEO details of any webpage or website.

Keyword Surfer – Keyword Surfer is a well-known chrome extension for keyword research. It shows you the monthly searches and CPC of any keyword in the search bar, the word count of any related article, and also shows you related keywords of your keyword and the search volume of them in the sidebar. So that you can get details of any keyword like search volume, CPC, and all other.

chrome extensions for android

Keyword Everywhere – Keyword Everywhere is a popular keyword research tool and well-known chrome extension. It provides you all details related to any keyword as search volume by country, CPC, SEO difficulty, Paid difficulty, related keyword, analytics, and all details whatever you want it is a complete keyword research tool but it is not a free tool you have to take subscription of it to use its services.

SEO Analysis & Website Review by WooRank – SEO analysis & website review by woorank is a free chrome extension that provides a complete review of a domain’s onsite and offsite data to provide complete details of a website’s optimization. It provides all on-page and off-page SEO details of the website and displays issues related to SEO So that you can optimize your website, solve SEO related issues to improve your website’s ranking.

chrome extensions for android

Utility and Importance of Extensions

Here we have learned all about what are extensions and about best chrome extensions now we will discus importance of extensions.

  • Time Saver – The first and major advantage of extensions is they save our a lot of time, if you use any extension then it will provide you all details on the same page you don’t need to open any new tab for that as if you have installed google analytics extension then you can see your website’s analytics reports on your website page you don’t need to open analytics on any other tab.
  • Enhance Productivity – Extensions enhance productivity because they provide all information on the same page as if you use any SEO extension then it will show you all SEO-related information of your website on the same page and you can improve your website SEO that will improve your website ranking and performance.
  • Improves The Funcationtality Of Browser – Extensions improves the functionality of the browser, with the help of these extensions your browser can do many more operations for you as if you have installed a news related extension then your browser will show you all news related to your selected topics with the help of that extension.
  • Improve Writing Skills – If you are a writer or blogger then you write many articles or blog posts, extensions improve our writing skills as if you have installed Grammarly then it will automatically correct all grammar and pronunciation mistakes which you can’t resolve by only proofreading. There are so many other extensions as google input tools that allow you to write in various languages, so with the help of that, you can write posts in your chosen language.

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How to remove an extension from chrome?

We have learned about google chrome extensions and about the best chrome extensions here we will explain how to remove an extension from the chrome browser.

If you have downloaded and installed any extension which you want to remove or delete from the chrome browser then it is so simple. Just click on the right top extension icon, you will see the list of installed extensions then find that extension which you want to delete in the list then click on 3 dots showing on the right side of extensions, in the new pop-up window you will see the option of remove from chrome click on it and that extension will be removed from your chrome browser.

How to remove an extension from chrome

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