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What is a Web Application

Here we are going to learn everything about-What is a Web Application? what is a website? their types and comparison of web application vs website.

What is an Application Software?

Before learning about what is a web application? we must know what is an application software or application.

What is an Application Software? – Application software is a set of programs and functions which is designed and created to perform a specific task. Application software is designed for end-user as these applications directly interact with end-users and perform the tasks and actions as called by the end-user.

Application is a large program, you can treat it as a collection of functions, a program is nothing but a collection of functions, here is an example of MS word.

what is a web application

This is the user interface and the main window of MS word, whatever activity we do inside MS word, for every activity there may be some functions that are called in the background.

So here are some example of functions as =>

  • When we click to open a file the function is called open.
  • When we check spelling the function is called spell check.
  • When we change the font then the font loader is called a function.
  • When we want to save a file then the save is called a function.

So for every activity that we do in MS word, there are some functions called in the background. All work that we do in MS word is limited inside this window only.

Here is an example

Suppose we want to open any document then we will call this particular function, a dialog box will open inside this window and it will show a set of files and when we select a file this function will open and display the content of that file.

Types of Application Software

Every application software is designed for end-users but all these are not the same as each application is designed for different tasks and they perform different actions. There are mainly two types of application software =>

  1. System Based Application
  2. Web Application

What Is System Based Application

System Based applications are the applications that we install in our system or in the machine to perform different tasks with them. These all applications are installed in our machine and they use our system’s memory to run and perform any task.

These all applications are designed using programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, python, java. For example MS word, calculator, media player, gaming apps, and so on.

What Is a Web Application

What is a web application – web application is a cloud-based application that we didn’t install on our computer or machine, to open or perform any task we open it in our browser.

Web application stores all data on their server and to load and perform any task it uses its cloud storage memory.

If you have seen Google docs, let us say for example Google has its cloud-based application called Google docs, that Google docs have Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and all these applications are available on the cloud. So here is an example of Google docs the Word document, which is loaded inside the browser.

What is an Application Software

This is a browser window and you can see this Word document is just like MS word which we have installed on our machine.

This word document is in the browser and this is not installed in our machine, this is coming from the web and running inside the browser.

How this works, see this is just an HTML page that is loaded inside the browser. So once you log on to this Google docs website and go to Word document then this page will open inside the browser.

This page is loaded once and remains as it is, now whatever the activity we do for each activity a function will be called, then where these functions are? Functions are not on our machine only the browser window is there on our machine, which is having this page. The functions are on the web server only and those functions we called web service.

So this is the web page which is calling these functions, calling the functions like if we are checking for spelling then the text will be sent to the spell checker and it will find out the spelling mistakes and all and then returns the results that are updated inside the browser window. When we click on save then all the contents of the document are sent to the server and saved on the server.

So here is the only user interface inside our browser window on our machine and all the functions required for this program are there inside the webserver. So this is how cloud computing comes in, we called it a cloud-based application or we can also say it a web application.

So how this page is made? it is made of HTML again and having Text, Images, and so on. It is developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Web services are developed using java or .net/PHP/ruby or pearl or python. There are so many languages to develop these server-side functions.

The communication between this browser window or this web page and these functions is made via AJAX, the mechanism used here is AJAX, a sink run as JavaScript and XML so the data transfer or the communication between these two is via ajax that is XML, the data is transferred in the form of XML.

Example of Web ApplicationGmail

what is a web application

Here if I want to compose a mail, then I will click on compose, a dialog box will pop-up here, I can write all the content, and click on send, then I’ll have a message that your mail is sent.

If I want to chat with any friend, just I have to click on his name, and a dialog box will pop-up, and I can start chatting there.

You can observe that everything is happening inside this window only, within this page but all the activity is managed by the remote functions, which are present on the webserver.

How this works, For every task, a function is available on the webserver, as for checking a mail, for sending a mail, for opening a mail or chatting with a friend, for every activity, some functions are running on the webserver, form here whenever we do any activity then the respective function will be called and the communication between will be made as via ajax.

Here we have learned, what is an Application Software, and what is a web application, now we will move to our next section, what is a website?

What is a Website?

What is a website – A website is a collection of web pages, a web page is developed by using HTML and a page may contain text, audio-video, images, and so on. All these things are mixed by using HTML to prepare web pages and the collection of web pages makes a website.

Usually, websites are developed by the company for advertising their services and products or by the government for giving the information to the citizen or by the authors to write their publications or by the news agencies for publishing the news, so websites are useful for various purposes

Types of Websites or Web Pages

There are two types of websites/web pages

  1. Static web pages
  2. Dynamic web pages

Static web pages

Static webpage – Static webpages are just ready-made web pages, as in this example whenever you will visit this website, you will find this page, the page always remains the same, the page never changes, it is written one time, and whenever users visit this page they find the same content, the content will not change means the look and feel design, content all remains the same.

what is a website

How the static web pages work on the website – As in the image, here is a web server and it is having a collection of web pages along with the other media contents like audio, video, images, and so on.

When the user enters the domain name of this website via the internet, he will be accessing these web pages, so the pages get loaded directly in his machine, and in the window inside his browser. These are ready-made web pages and these pages are readily available on the webserver.

Here is an example of the ex website we have seen just now, assume that this website is having some set of webpages, and all those webpages are inside the webserver, and this is the home page and when you click on any hyperlink, here the next page will be loaded and so on, so you can access all these webpages from this webserver or on this website.

Dynamic web pages

Dynamic web pages are the pages that keep updated/changed regularly like in a result page of a particular university, exam name, and roll number will be entered in their column and it will show the marks for that particular candidate. If you change the roll number marks will change, so it means it is not a readymade webpage it is a dynamic webpage.

I should say it is partially dynamic and partially static, the look and feel, all the arrangement of the content, the formatting of the page is static, which is readymade, and the content like the marks, subject, name of the candidate, his address, all these things are dynamic.

Usually, these contents are pulled from the database, if you give a different roll number and exam name here, the content will change and the content will be pulled from the database, depending on the roll number given here. So we can say that this dynamic page is taking the parameter and changes their content, so this is all how dynamic webpages are.

Difference between static page and dynamic page

Static pages are just like ready-made webpages, whenever you go for it you will get the same like if you take a ready-made dress when you go for a size 42 or 40 you will find same shirt size, always the fitting of that shirt will be same from the same brand,

Whereas tailor-made shirt, whenever you go for a tailor-made shirt, the tailor will take the measurement and the fitting, on the measurement he will stitch the shirt, so the content(fitting) will change.

Similarly the static webpages the content will always remain the same and the content of the dynamic webpage may change depending On the parameter given or the roll number given as per this example,

Both the pages are developed by using HTML only then what is the difference, dynamic pages are programmed pages here a tailor is nothing but a program, so let see him here as an example of a dynamic web page or website.

All websites have their web server and they may have some static webpages, as well as some dynamic webpages, usually dynamic webpages, access the database,

As I told all websites to have pages, which are developed using HTML contents text, images, audios, videos as usual but the dynamic pages are developed by using the technologies like servlet, JSP, asp.net, PHP.

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For developing just static pages, HTML is used for formatting the contents and developing the user interface, that is the look and feel of a page, and CSS, it is used for enhancing HTML or formatting HTML so this gives some boost up to the HTML, and JavaScript which is used for interactivity like pop-ups and pull-down menu and so on, any interactivity required on the webpage is provided by using JavaScript and these three things are must for developing any webpage.

Now when we come to the dynamic webpage there you can see an example the technologies used are servlet, JSP, asp.net, PHP

Now servlet, JSP you see are having html+css+javascript+java so the trick here is that you have to make all these things together to develop the page, and asp.net may be having vb.net, csharp.net+html+css+savascript, similarly PHP having some PHP language and then html+css+javascript.

So one should be good at java+html+css as well as javascript, and he should also know how to use them all together to develop webpages, so this is a little bit difficult for developers learning all these things together and using them perfectly for developing webpages but don’t worry a lot of tools are available for developing dynamic pages easily without even knowing the details of these technologies.

Web Application vs Website

We have learned what is a web application and what is a website, here we are going to compare web application and website.

Web Application vs Website
SpecificationWebsiteWeb Application
AccessibilityMost of the websites don’t provide any permissions to users, they can only read the content on the website.Web applications are flexible, users can make changes in the settings as they want.
PurposeWebsites are developed for providing news and information, promoting services and products, and publishing articles, and so on.Web applications are developed to enhance the productivity of the browser as well as user, for entertainment, and so on.
Interactionmostly Websites are developed for public uses, anyone or any visiter can access the website and get the information. web applications are developed for end-users, and any other person can’t access someone’s application without his permission.
Complexitywebsites are quite simple and easy to use as they only provide data and information to the visitors.web applications are much complex than websites, as their functionality and productivity are higher than websites.
AuthenticationWebsites don’t need any authentication as they only provide static data and information, and they don’t give access to any restricted data.web applications need authentication as they provide more accessibility and interaction to users, they can store their personal information here.
Software typewebsites may contain many programs and applications in it as websites are complete products and can be used for so many different tasks.application is just a part of the website these can be a part of the website and can enhance the productivity of the website.
DevelopmentSmall changes can be made to the website without re-compilation, you can add and remove any small functionality and other things will run as it was earlier.In the application, if you want to make any changes then you have to re-compile the whole program.
ProductivityA website can perform multiple tasks as it may contain multiple applications in it.Applications are task-specific, they can perform any specific task, as they developed for a particular task.
TechnologyWebsites are developed by using HTML, CSS, JavaScript + PHP/JAVA, and so on.applications are developed by using java, python, c, c++, and so on.


Now we know what is a web application and what is a website, we have also done a comparison of both and at the end, we have found that websites are a complete product which may contain many applications in it, and can perform different functions as in a website there may be blogging section, chat section, product, services, customer support, accounts, transaction, and so on.

Applications are developed for a particular task and are developed for end-user, apps can enhance the productivity of websites, browsers, and users. applications are a part of websites but not a complete product.

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