What Is Call Forwarding? Easy Simple And Complete Guide 2021

what is call forwarding

These are some of the questions that come to your mind about call forwarding. What is call forwarding/what is call divert, and How does call forwarding work?

Most of the people call it call forwarding but some also say call divert but both are same and here we will learn all about it

Of course, you will be in search of the best answers to these questions. Let me tell you that you are in the right place. Perhaps this is the complete and straightforward guide about call forwarding that will provide more than enough call forwarding knowledge.

What is Call Forwarding/Call Divert

To explore the best possible answer for questions like What is call forwarding/what is call divert? We will make it more interesting by taking a daily life example of an office manager David.

Call Forwarding Meaning With Example

Suppose David is working out of his office and gets an important call on his office desk phone. The call is an important one, and he is not available to answer the call.

Now, what will happen next? Is he in big trouble? Not! Because call forwarding feature allows him to receive office desk phone calls anywhere to avoid any inconvenience. The call forwarding enables at a time ringing towards the forwarded numbers.

In short whenever, David going out in office timing, set up Call Forwarding to automatically forward all office calls to his cell phone. Also, he can still in the position to make outgoing calls while Call Forwarding is on.

Call Forwarding Definition

David uses a call forwarding service because he can transfer incoming calls from his office desk phone to his cell phone.

The reason why we can say that

Call forwarding is a service by phone management. You can automatically route any incoming call towards an alternative number. That can be any landline number and cell phone number.

If someone asks about What is call forwarding? Just tell him that it is a telephone service that allows users to send incoming calls to different desired numbers.

In short, when your phone goes unresponsive and goes to voicemail, it is technically forwarded to a voicemail server. If you go to the phone forwarding settings, you will see the voice mail number there.

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Cases for Call Forwarding

Now it’s to know what are the different cases in which call forwarding service used. That is categorized into four types according to the needs of an individual.


In this case, all calls are allowed to forward to another number. On the other, the device is not allowed to ring.

No answer

In this case, the call was forwarded to another number because of no reply from the subscriber. The call automatically transferred to another device after ringing for some time. The subscriber can select the ringing length.


In some of the situations, the device may out of reach or switched off. In this case, all the coming calls are forwarded to the desired number because the device is unreachable.

If busy

As the name suggested, only those calls forwarded during a device are busy on another call.

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What are the Benefits of Call Forwarding

Of course, there will be benefits of call forwarding. The feature is introduced with the moto to facilitate customers in a better way. There can be many different call forwarding benefits, but some of the most important are as follows.

  • Most importantly, businesses are getting more benefits through this feature as it increased the client call’s availability.
  • The call can be easily made to the desired person, although not available at work.
  • One will never miss an important call, as there will always be a substitute person for attending calls.
  • Call forwarding decrease the possibilities of calls towards voice mail message.
  • The communication is now fast and accurate as it increased mobility without reducing contact.
  • Make communication easier because users call a local or toll-free number, after which they send their call to the company’s switch or main phone line.

What is Call Forwarding Code

Now we have got enough information about call forwarding. Now it vital to answer an upcoming question What is call forwarding code?

Here is the complete list of call forwarding codes. You can quickly get the desired code.

No Answer*61*
If Busy*67*

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How to Activate Call Forwarding

The call forwarding codes are present in the above table. What comes next is to answer how to activate call forwarding?

Here are simple steps to follow in call forwarding.

what is call forwarding

We just talked about the main steps involved in call forwarding. We were now categorizing according to code the activation, deactivation, and status checking procedure as per different call forwarding cases.


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How to Forward Calls on Android(Keypad)

We started at What is call forwarding? And now we are ready to know about How to forward calls on Android? So, we all know that the Android device is changing over time. There is little difference in the menus of the Android phone, which depends on the brand.

But you must follow the same procedure as whatever Android phone you are using.

  • First of all, go to your phone settings,
  • Select call forwarding,
  • Choose forwarding method,
  • Enter the number and select confirm.
  • It will show the “call forwarding is enabled” message.
  • Now your device will automatically forward the call to the given number.

Here you will find the complete step-by-step procedure for activation of call forwarding as we follow the Oppo A9 smartphone settings. But you can do it according to the settings of your Android phone, despite the slight difference.

Step 1: Go to your phone app, and you will find TWO/THREE DOTS (depends on the Android device) at the top right corner.


Step 2: Once you hit this option, you will find the SETTINGS option.


Step 3: Now, in the end, you will find the CARRIER CALL SETTINGS.


Step 4: This will lead you to the CALL FORWARDING option. Just tap on it.


Step 5: Here, you will find multiple options for CALL FORWARDING.


  • Always forward
  • When busy
  • When unanswered
  • When unreached

That will allow selecting the best option that suits you most.


Step 5: After selecting the desired option about the call forwarding. Now go ahead and put your forwarding number and select the ON option.


Here you go, your calls are forwarded successfully.

For iOS users, there are also simple steps to follow to activate the call forwarding.

  • First of all, go to SETTINGS
  • Then click on the PHONE app
  • Head towards the CALL FORWARDING option.
  • Toggle the switch to the right and input the Desired Number
  • Once you tap on Go Back, you’ll see the message that calls forwarding Turned On.

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How to Deactivate Call Forwarding

We can sense that now you are in a better position about answering the questions like what is call forwarding and how to activate call forwarding. Now the next most important to know about how to deactivate call forwarding?

If David activates the call forwarding option and doesn’t know to deactivate it, he will receive office calls at home, which will make him more annoying in his family life.

To avoid this disturbance, David has to deactivate this option, which involves very simple and easy to follow steps.

The cancellation of call forwarding follows the same settings that we discussed under the head of how to forward calls on Android OS. Just hit the disable option.

Perhaps there is (call forwarding deactivate code) code # # 002 # used to cancel all call forwarding, and it’s the most straightforward and convenient way to do so.

If you have accidentally forgotten to deactivate the call forwarding and you are out of reach to the particular phone. No need to worry more because now you can turn it off remotely.

Some phone systems have better systems by allowing you to set custom rules that forward your calls towards the specific numbers during predetermined time frames.

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At last, now we are well known to what is call forwarding? Despite that also got enough knowledge about the call forwarding benefits, codes, activation, and deactivation. That is a way through which you can transfer all your call towards a secondary number. You may choose either of the available options for your desired result.

After all of the discussion, we will recommend the user call forwarding services of “if busy” and “unreachable.” These two services will help the user for better coverage and availability. No matter how you use it, call forwarding can undoubtedly be an essential tool for your daily life.

Now the user should not worry about the call forwarding activation in the morning and deactivation at night. Indeed users can set it up with proper settings and then forget about it—the reason why call forwarding is remotely by the users.

To get more informative guides in future just stay with us. We will provide you enough knowledge about the various related trends and topics.

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