What is Google Dorks? How to use Google Dorks-Ultimate Free Guide 2021

what is google dorks

Hello friends, hope you all are well, we all search our queries on the internet, but sometimes it happens, that search engine shows billions of search results, but we didn’t get exactly what we are searching for, so the solution is google dorks, here we will learn what is google dorks? how to use google dorks and all.

What is google dorks? – Dorks are specific search filters, that can be applied to a search engine to search targeted, and specific. Dorks can be used for various search engines like Google, Bing, and so on.

If you are here and reading this post, that means you also have faced the same issues with the search results and have some questions in your mind, like what is google dorks? how to use google dorks? how do they work? google dorks commands, and so on. So be with us till the end, and you will get all the answers and much more information about it.

What Is Google Dorks?

Whenever we want to search for something on google or request any information, so we go to the google search bar and type our keyword or our query and what google does, it shows similar keywords to our query and shows the results related to it.

What is Google Dorks

It happens so many times that which exact information we are searching for or the exact file or pdf which we want to download from the internet, google didn’t show that exact result, even sometimes it happens that google shows such results which are useless for us.

So here comes the google dorks, which solves this problem. You can call them queries or advanced search operators, and if you search for any information on google, or want any exact result or want to get information about any website, so easily you can do this with the help of google dorks.

Definition Of Dorks

Dorks are specific search filters, that can be applied to a search engine to search targeted, and specific. Dorks can be used for various search engines like Google, Bing, and so on.

Dorks are nothing but some keywords or filters, which are used to filter out our desired result from the database of search engines like Google, Bing, and others.”

Meaning Of Google Dorks

Well in simple words Google Dorks are advanced google search techniques or an advanced way of searching on Google, where we use some of google’s advanced search operators, or we add some keywords when we search something on Google, to get exact result or exact file which we want to search, We can find any exact file or information with the help of these operators.

What is Google Dorks

This technique is known as Google Dorking as well as Google Hacking, you will be amazed after knowing that with the help of Dorking, we can find out any website’s security level and loopholes, as well as you can get secret information about any website which Google doesn’t provide in the normal search.

So many people use Google dorks for ethical works like IT professionals, and computer hackers, they basically use Google dorks to find out exact information or download the exact file, or they use google dorks to find out any websites loopholes and negative aspects.

But there are also some hackers and peoples, who use google dorks for unethical works, they access web directories of websites, and login ID and Password, and they can hack any website easily. Here we have learned what is google dorks, now we will learn how to use google dorks.

How To Use Google Dorks

There is not only one dork, there are so many different types of dorks, which are used for different queries, to use google dorks, you have to open your browser then type the dork and colon (:), and then the keyword or query, and it will show you the exact result.

What is Google Dorks

Example Of Google Dorks Commands

Site – Site parameters will list out the particular information of a particular website, here in the image, we have typed site:webmastersgyan.com, and we can see that each link of this page is of webmastersgyan.com, so this is the parameter which we can use to find out information about a particular website.

How to use Google Dorks

Filetype – We can use this parameter called filetype, to find out a particular file present on any website, we have to write site:tutorialspoint.com filetype: pdf. We can type any file type like pdf, docs, and so on. We have entered here pdf, and it will show all pdf files of this website. We can also combine two-three strings to customize our search, which can be used to find out particular data.

Intitle – If you want to search something in the title, then you have to type intitle then a colon (:) then your keyword as shown in the image, and you will get exact results consisting of your keyword in their title.

google dorks commands

Inurl – If you want to search something in the URL, then you have to type URL, then a colon (:), and then your keyword, as shown in the image, and you will get exact results consisting of your keyword in their URL.

google dorks commands

So you can get so many information using google dorks, just you have to use some search operators in the google search engine, here we have just told you some basic google dorks command in the examples, but there are so many advanced search operators, and with the help of those operators, you can get such information of any website, which we can’t tell here, so hope you have understood, what is google dorks, and how to use it.

Google Dorks List

OperatorsPurposeMixes with other operatorsCan be used alone
intitlesearch page titleyesyes
allintitlesearch page titlenoyes
inurlsearch urlyesyes
allinurlsearch urlnoyes
filetypespecific filesyesyes
intextsearch text of page onlyyesyes
allintextsearch text of page onlyreallyyes
sitesearch specific siteyesyes
linkSearch for links to a pageyesyes
inanchorsearch link anchor textyesyes
numrangelocate numberyesyes
daterangesearch in dateyesyes
authorgroup author searchyesyes
groupgroup name searchreallyyes
insubjectgroup subject searchyesyes
misgidgroup misgid searchnoyes

Complete google dorks cheat sheet

There are thousands of google search operators, here we have just provided a list of some useful operators, if you want complete google dorks cheat sheet, then you can visit google dorks cheat sheet, here you can find out most of the google dorks operators.

Here we have learned what is google dorks and seen the dork’s operators list, now we will see the advantages and disadvantages of google dorks.

Advantages Of Google Dorks

Fast and exact results – It is the major advantage of google dorks, that we can find the exact information about our query without wasting time in finding in several search results.

Time saver – When we search any query on google, then it shows us millions of related results, and we waste so much time in finding exact information in those results, but with dorks, we can find exact information in no time.

Security information – With some advanced google dorks, we can find security information on any website and can access the top-secret information.

Find loopholes in websites – With the help of dorks, we can easily find loopholes on any website, and correct them, so hackers will not be able to hack thru loopholes.

Improve work efficiency – Google dorks provide us exact information in no time, so we can complete our work in minimum time, and improve our work efficiency.

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Disadvantages Of Google Dorks

Google dorks are so much useful to get exact information on our queries as they provide exact results of any searched query, but as we know google Dorking is also known as Google hacking, and most of the time hacking is not used for ethical works, here are some drawbacks of dorks.

What is Google Dorks

Enhancement to unethical activities – Google dorks are so much useful, but they provide access to secret information of websites, and if any wrong person learns the Dorking then he can misuse them.

Increase hacking activities – Everyone knows about hacking and about how much it can harm someone, dorks are powerful tools, but they can be used in hacking and in accessing secure information of anyone, most of the hackers use Dorking to access secret information, and for hacking.

Loopholes information – With the help of dorks, hackers can find loopholes on any website, and from those loopholes, they can hack any website.


Here we have learned what is google dorks, how to use google dorks, and all about google dorks. Google dorks are so much useful to get the exact information, they improve our work efficiency, and saves time. If google dorks are used for ethical works, then they can help so much, but if dorks are used for unethical activities, like hacking, then they can harm so much. Every new technology is created for helping us, but it up to us, that we use them to help us or harm us.


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