What Is Google Indexing? No.1 Free Simple & Complete Guide

What Is Google Indexing

Suppose you are a blogger, online business, personal or online content promoter, and doing all the things through Google. It would be best to rank your website on google and get more organic traffic through organic research. Because

“Organic research can seriously impact your traffic, but you won’t see that traffic until your site is indexed.”

That can be achieved through Google indexing. I am willing to help you through this what is google indexing NO 1 free guide.

Stay with us if you are on the hunt for organic traffic to your website because the organic traffic will grow your website fast.

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What Is Google Indexing

Google indexing is a data structure process where crawlers crawl the web page and try to understand the information, then save the information in their database to provide it in the search result for the relevant search query

Here first, I am going to point out that indexing and ranking are two different things. As a rule, we all know you have to appear in the race then do work for winning.

Hence indexing is something that appears in a race. In the meantime, ranking is the winning of the race. 

After the creation of your website, the next step is indexing. It is possible to submit your website directly to Google and other search engines. It is a speedy way to index a website.

We know Google is not only a single search engine because there are also some other search engines like bing, yahoo, and others.

Every search engine has its indexing methods. Almost we all go for google because it is the world’s largest search engine.  The reason why it is apparent to know about What is google indexing?

Generally, indexing means the listing of information. Before the internet, the index was still there in different forms. We can assess the additional information indexed at the end of a book.

Moving forward with the same concept about indexing on google, we can say that is the listing of website database information on the internet (Google Search Engine).

Now we can say that Google indexing is therefore essential to website search ranking and organic traffic.

For instance, there are three primary concepts in Google Search Engine.

  1. Indexing: As the name suggests, indexing is the data structure technique that allows quick retrieval of most relevant records from the database.
  2. Crawling: This is a process through which new and updated webpages are visited by Googlebot and added to the Google index.
  3. Ranking: Google provides the most relevant data at the top according to the user’s intent. That means all the results are ordered according to relevancy.

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Why We Do Google Indexing

Mainly there is Googlebot, which is always in search of relevant information. These are already doing their jobs, so why is there a need to work more for Google indexing.

By the way, the crawlers are there for information gathering means your site can be found anyway.

It’s worth to know that your site may take longer to appear on Google. It can be due to the site’s newness, and it may take more time to make your content indexed.

Hence the delay visibility on the search engine is an essential factor in the success of your site. Now after getting the idea about What is Google indexing? Now it’s time to answer why we do Google indexing?

We do Google indexing because it helps in the website visibility on the search engine. Perhaps the website is required to be visible in the top list of search results.

There is always a need for visibility on the first few results, which needs a search engine optimization strategy. No special effort is required in indexing.

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How Does Google Indexing Work?

We cannot stop here at What is Google indexing? But it is vital to know about how Google indexing works? Once the indexing is done on Google, then the Google algorithm comes into play.

Google sends its Google bots to visit webpages and save the cache for further analysis through the Google algorithm.

Because Google has its algorithm through which it checks the indexed content and shows it on the search engine. Once the website got indexed, Google goes through website content and record it in its database.

Then Google lets the internet user access the website content through relevant keywords. All that depends upon the user intent to which Google shows suitable content present on the website.

These are the simple steps the information that Google bots (spiders) crawl, which is stored in Google’s index.


Once it is known what is google indexing, the next thing is to answer how to index the website on google? Because there is a proper way of doing indexing on Google, it will help discover Google content.

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How To Index Website On Google

After all the relevant information about Google indexing, the next part is about How to index the website on Google. Generally, there is a simple way to be done through the Google search console.

Here are the simple steps to follow.

  • Open Google Search Console
  • Open URL inspection tool
  • Go to the search bar and Paste your copied URL (Which is your property and want to index in Google)
  • Press Enter and Let Google check your URL
  • Just click on the “Request Indexing” button.

If you are a new blogger or website owner and haven’t submitted your website to the google search console, then, first of all, you should add your website to the search console, then you can request indexing for your posts and page.

Follow these steps to add/submit website in google search console

For better understanding, allow me to share my personal experience with you.

  1. Go to Google Search Console
  2. Once open now, click on “Start Now.”
  3. Verify your domain here by putting the domain URL here.
  4. There are two options select “URL Prefix.”
  5. Here paste webpage URL and press Enter
  6. Get CODE under HTML tag option
  7. Go to the website admin dashboard and Paste the code in header HTML in the header section.
  8. Now update the file.
  9. Again move towards the search console tab and click on the “Verify” option
  10. The dashboard will be opened with all the stats about the website.

Once you have an online presence through a specific website and know “what is Google indexing?” Now you are well known for the Google indexing steps. Besides, it is also essential to understand how to check indexing status as your website is indexed or not.

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How To Check Webpage Indexed Status

It’s worth important to check either webpage is indexed in google or not. You can check by following a couple of simple steps.

Just search your webpage in Google search by typing “site:yourwebsite.com.” You will find some results after pressing the enter button. The results numbers will show how many of your webpages are indexed in Google.


Additionally, you can also use Google Search Console to check either the particular webpage is indexed or not. For that, you have to put the webpage URL in the inspect any URL bar. It will answer it depends upon the status of the search index.

  1. “URL is on Google.” That shows the current page is indexed.
  2. “URL is not on Google.” That shows the current page is not indexed.

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What Is Google Crawler      

Earlier, we used the term crawler. Now in this section, we will get to know what is Google crawler. Let make it simple by considering a baby used to crawl before proper learning of walking.

Google is visiting websites for the purpose to tack data. There are the Google Crawlers used for tracking purposes.

Here the Google Crawler is a Google Search Engine program for the data collection on the internet.

The crawler will visit the saved links from time to time and go from one website to another. A search engine crawler indexes the website with links to at least one other website through this process.

(Source: Taken from Google under creative commons license)

How Long Does It Take For Backlinks To Take Effect

Going towards How Long Does It Take for Backlinks to Take Effect? We should first know what a backlink is?

Merely a link from one website to another website is called a backlink. Through this, connections between the websites are made and help Google Crawler find data more accurately.

Backlinking is a waiting game. A reasonable guess over the past ten years has been that it takes about three months for a link to stand out on search engine result pages.

To make backlinks more effective, they need to fit your niche. If the focus is on a link building strategy that maximizes link quality, you can expect a speedy backlink impact.

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How Long Does It Take For Google To Index Backlinks

When you are creating backlinks for your website, you should be well aware. How long does it take for Google to index Backlinks?

Google is updating its algorithm from time to time, but it is still hard to talk about the required time to index backlinks on the Google search engine.

The time frame depends on the backlinking website Domain authority and the kind of backlink that can “do follow” or “no follow the link.”

There are four conditions.

  1. If the link is “do follow” from a high domain authority site. It will take less time that can be about 1 to 3 days.
  2. Suppose the link is “no follow” from a high domain authority site. It will take more time as there can be the possibility of no crawling at all.
  3. If the link is “do follow” from a low domain authority site. It will take more time than can be about two weeks or maybe three months.
  4. Suppose the link is “no follow” from a low domain authority site. In this case, the possibilities are that you will never get indexed.

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Now you should have an excellent baseline knowledge of what is Google indexing?. Also, get enough experience with how to index the website on google, what is google crawler, how long it takes for backlinks to take effect, and how long it takes for google to index backlinks.

Plus, with the right strategies and selective checklists, you can get Google to list your website’s most essential parts and boost your SEO performance by increasing your rankings.


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