What is Microsoft Outlook-$1 Ultimate Outlook Guide For Free?

What is Microsoft Outlook

Here we are going to learn everything about Microsoft Outlook, and How to use Microsoft Outlook.

  1. What is Microsoft Outlook?
  2. How to configure Outlook.
  3. How to use Microsoft Outlook.
  4. Advantages of Microsoft Outlook.
  5. Secret Outlook Tips And Tricks.

What is Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an email client service, it works as an email client for all email service providers like Gmail, yahoo, google, Microsoft, and all. We can connect many email accounts with an outlook at a time and manage them in one place.

We can send and receive emails from outlook without opening our email account in the browser. In outlook, we can create a contact list, set reminders in the calendar, and can create a to-do list for our further tasks.

How to access outlook

To access outlook you must have two things first is Microsoft account and Microsoft Office on your computer or laptop. In most MS office versions, you will also get Microsoft outlook along with word, excel, and others.

How to create Microsoft account => To create a Microsoft account go to www.microsoft.com click on the account logo shown on the right top. In the next window click on create one and then create an outlook id and password. your Microsoft account will be created.

What is Microsoft Outlook

How to access outlook => Click on the window button, go to MS office and open outlook or directly type outlook in the windows search bar after opening outlook it will ask to set up an account. Enter your outlook email id and password and you will be accessed in outlook.

How to configure Outlook with Gmail or other email account

As outlook is an email client so now we will configure an email with an outlook account. We can configure any email account with an outlook like yahoo, Gmail, Google, Hotmail all types of email, for example, here we are configuring Gmail. There are two ways to configure email with outlook.

  1. Automatic configuration
  2. Manual configuration

How to configure Outlook with Gmail

Gmail setting

To configure Gmail with outlook first we will need to update some settings in Gmail.

What is Microsoft Outlook
  1. Go to the Gmail account page click on setting, then click on see all settings. After coming on the setting page click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP, after coming on the POP/IMAP page enable POP and IMAP then scroll down and save all settings.
  2. After these settings click on your account symbol shown on the top right then click on manage your google account you will be redirected to the account page.
  3. ON the google account page click on security then find less secure app access turn it on because it may happen that Gmail doesn’t allow outlook to connect with it for security reasons. After configuring Gmail with outlook turn this setting off.
What is Microsoft Outlook

Gmail configuration with outlook

If you have done all settings in Gmail which we have mansion above then we will move to configure our Gmail with outlook. Go to Outlook and sign in with the outlook account and you will be on the outlook account page.

Here you will be sighed in with your outlook account, the interface of outlook is similar to Microsoft word.

On the top, there is a toolbar menu with different sections like file, home, view, and others then ribbon. In the ribbon, you will find different sub-sections and operations to do which we will discuss later.

How to configure Outlook

Here we have to configure our Gmail account with outlook click on a file then click on account setting, then in the new pop-up window again click on account setting. You will be directed to the account setting page.

How to configure Outlook

On account setting page there will be different options go to email and click on new you will be directed to new account setting page.

How to configure Outlook

On the new account setting page there will be two options to configure your email account with outlook automatic account setting with email id and password and advance manual setting.

Automatic configuration – In the automatic configuration you just have to enter your email id and password, as we have done with our outlook id and password, and your Gmail account will be configured with outlook.

Manual configuration of Gmail account with outlook

  • To configure your Gmail account manually with outlook enter your Gmail ID and click on the manual configuration/advance option, checkmark on let me set up my account manually, and click on connect.
How to use Microsoft Outlook

As we are using office 365, so it is showing an advance setup window here you can choose any way of account setup, we will select IMAP and continue it may ask your password and then connect your Gmail account with outlook.

In any other versions of the office after selecting IMAP, you will be on this window, shown right side. Here you have to enter your all details name, email ID,

in server information-account type IMAP,

incoming mail server- imap.gmail.com,

outgoing mail server – smtp.gmail.com

then your Gmail id and password.

Checkmark remembers the password so next time it won’t ask for a password then click on next. It will take some time to configure and finish. If you have done all settings correctly your Gmail account will be configured with outlook.

new updated office 365
How to use Microsoft Outlook
any other version of office

Here we have learned what is Microsoft outlook and how to configure outlook now we will learn how to use Microsoft outlook.

How to use Microsoft Outlook

What Is Outlook Express?

Outlook express was an old Microsoft mail application which was also known as Microsoft Internet Mail and News, it was bundled with different versions of Windows, from Windows 98 to 2003, Windows 3.x, NT 3.51, 95, Mac System 7, Mac OS 8, and Mac OS 9,

Outlook express was used to manage, send/receive emails but on 10 January 2017 Microsoft discontinued outlook express, and at the place of outlook express they launched a new outlook where we get client mail to manage, send/receive emails, calendar, to-do list and so on

Here we will learn how to use outlook. We can use outlook in 4 ways

  1. Client email
  2. Calendar
  3. Contact list
  4. To-do list

What Is Outlook Client Email

As we know Outlook is an email client service so we can use it to send and receive emails. Here in the toolbar, we get so many options to do all types of work we will learn everything steps by step.

  • In the home menu the first option is Newnew email from here we can create a new email, the interface is similar to Gmail. In the To, section writes receiver email then subject, and type your email description. you can do much more here like MS word, you can bold words, change the font size, add a signature, attach files and many more options are there which you can explore and when u are done with email click on send and your email will be sent.
  • New items – you can do the same thing by clicking here you can create a new email, new meeting, new contact, new to-do list, and so on.
How to use Microsoft Outlook
  • Delete section – If you want to ignore mails from someone, select that person and click on ignore. So his emails will be ignored, clean up you can do the cleanup of emails, folders, and others, junk u can see junk mails, block someone, block its domain or whole group, delete you can delete any email, archive form here you can move any mail to the archive section.
  • Respond – In the respond section first option is-reply you can reply to any email select an email and then here click on reply, reply all if there are many receivers in any email so you can reply all at once from here, forward from here you can forward any email to any other person. meeting here you can reply to someone with a meeting schedule, more you can reply as an attachment.
  • Quick stepsmove to – Form here you can create some quick steps to act fast like if you want to move emails in different folders so you can create folders and just select email and click on the folder and it will move to that folder, the team you can create a team to send them an email at once and same other options are there.
  • Move – Here you can create folders to move different emails in those folders, rules you can also create rules that any mail from someone should always move in this folder, and other, OneNote from here you can move any mail to OneNote.
  • Tags – From here you can create tags to see read emails or unread emails, you can also create categories for different types of emails and you can place a flag to any mail or sender to follow his mails.
  • Find – here you can find any contact from the contact list and you can also find any mail from here.

Now we move to the next section favorites you can see it in the image shows the left side, here you can see your favorite folders like inbox, sent items, and others, you can also add any other folder as a favorite. Just right-click on the mouse and you will find a new folder option here you can add a new favorite folder.

How to use Microsoft Outlook

After it you will find your configured email IDs, by clicking on them you can see all email details related to them like inbox emails, draft emails, sent emails, important emails all like Gmail.


On the left side, after the email, you can find the next option calendar. Here you can create a new appointment, a new meeting, and others. The benefit of creating appointments and meetings in the calendar is, if you have any appointment after 3 months then you may forget about it or can’t find a place or time, but if you have created it in the calendar so you can find it easily here and it will also notify you by email about your meeting.

Advantages of Microsoft Outlook

To create a new appointment or meeting select the date on which you want to create a meeting right-click on it or you can go to the new section shown on the top left corner in the image from there also you can create a new meeting or appointment.

On the new appointment window type your subject, location, start-end date, and time and then click on save shown on top.

there are so many other options in ribbon we will understand one by one

  • New – here we can create new appointments and meetings as discussed above.
  • Skype meeting – here you can create any skype meeting.
  • Go to – From here you can check your upcoming meeting as if you have any meeting today or in the week.
  • Arrange – From here you can arrange or set your meeting view like daily or working days, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Manage calendars – Here you can create and manage a calendar which will be shared with your department, and with other peoples or you can create a group of calendars of multiple departments and so on.
  • Share – From here you can email, share, publish online your calendar.
  • you can also set permissions to others like read-only, edit, add, and so on.

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Contact list

The third useful function of outlook is a contact list, here you can create your email or phone number contact list, contact groups, and use them for email. To access contact – find the people icon beside the calendar icon clicks on it you will be on the contact page.

Advantages of Microsoft Outlook

On the left side of My Contacts, you can see your contact list. To create a new contact click on new contact in the new window shown on the top right side, after clicking on it a new window will appear.

Here you have to enter all details of the person like name, company, job title, email, contact number, postal code, and all after that click on save & close. that contact will be saved in your contact list.

There are some more options like you can create a contact group so you can send emails to the whole group at once, you can change view style like people, business and so on. You can also share contact with others.

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To-do list

Another function of outlook is a to-do list. To access the to-do list click on to do icon shown beside the people icon, after clicking on it you will be directed to a page where you can create a new task and save your progress.

Advantages of Microsoft Outlook

To create a new task click on new tasks in the new section shown on the top left, by clicking on it new window will open where you can create new tasks. Type your subject, start date of the task, due date, progress, the priority of the task, the importance of the task, and all. After entering all details click on save & close. your task will be created and will be shown in your to-do list like shown left side in the image.

There are many other options to explore like delete, manage tasks, respond and can also change view and all.

Importance/Benefits/Advantages of Microsoft Outlook

We will discuss all the Advantages of Microsoft Outlook one by one =>

  1. Free services – The first advantage of Outlook is, it is a free email client service. Microsoft provides Outlook with Microsoft office and you don’t need to pay anything extra to use outlook.
  2. Work’s on all devices – Outlook is a product that can be accessed from any device either you use a computer or laptop. If you want to access outlook from an android phone or iPhone or any other device so you can download the app from the google play store or Apple app store and use it.
  3. Security – Outlook is a safe and secure service because everything is in your control, you can limit who can see your mails and their files. You can check all activities in your outlook. You can grant permission to others as you want to access and edit your files.
  4. Configure multiple emails – Outlook is an email client service here you can configure multiple email accounts and operate them from one place, no need to access them from different apps and browsers.
  5. Easy to use – It is a simple and easy-to-use platform. Its interface is similar to email services and functions are similar to MS word which makes it easy to understand and use.
  6. Calendar – Outlook provides an inbuilt calendar service in it, no need to have another calendar app to create an appointment, meetings, and reminders.
  7. Secure contact list – It is an online platform so your contact and data are saved online, so if you lost your contacts or in any other unexpected condition you can access your contact form here.
  8. Task management – Outlook has an inbuilt task management system where you can create your to-do list and work according to it. you can check your work progress, arrange them as per importance and emergency.
  9. Time management – From the outlook, we can access multiple email account in one place we can send, receive, and manage emails, create groups, and all so it saves our lot of time.

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Secret Outlook Tips And Tricks

Here we have learned all important things related to outlook like What is Microsoft Outlook, How to configure Outlook, How to use Microsoft Outlook, and Advantages of Microsoft Outlook, but here are some Secret outlook tips and tricks which we are going to revile. These outlook tips and tricks will make you the master of outlook and your work will be easier and faster.

1. Search email – If you have configured multiple email account with outlook and you want to find any particular mail by its sender or keyword or attachment so how will you find. Here is a trick to find any mail faster in outlook. Go to the mail section in outlook then click on view in the toolbar, here you will see the arrangement section.

Secret tricks of Microsoft Outlook

Here you can select by which term you want to search mail like date, from, type, attachment.

If you want to search any mail which has an attachment then click on the attachment, in the search result you will only see the mail that has attachments.

Or if you want to search in the current mailbox or all mailboxes or any subfolder then you can choose it in the search box.

2. Shared calendar – If you work in an office and if you are connected with many departments, so you need some different calendars like a personal and shared calendar with different permissions, then how will you create. Here is the way to organize all the things=>

Secret tricks of Microsoft Outlook

Go to the calendar- left side in my calendars- right click and create a new shared calendar – now you have two different calendars, in the shared calendar, you can set permissions- go share section in ribbon click on calendar permissions- if you have added departments so select which one you want to grant access or click on add, in next window you can add anyone by name. you can also set permission level like can only see, edit, add, and so on.

3. CTRL+G go-to date – If you want to go to a particular date in the calendar then you will search in months and years but here is a trick – go to calendar and press ctrl+g and in the new popup window you can find any date just enter it in this search window. you can search in any way like typing date, two months before, before two weeks from today.

4. Background and theme – If you want to change your outlook background and theme to make it attractive then click on a file then office account here you can select the different backgrounds and themes like dark gray, white, colorful.

5. Automatic replies – Sometimes you have seen some automated emails from the office and others, this helps to manage people and work To set automated emails to click on a file then click on info then automated emails.

Secret tricks of Microsoft Outlook

Here you can set automated mails and timing, like when you are not in the office, you can type a custom mail-in description and also create custom rules for automated emails.

What Is pst File In Outlook

.pst file is an outlook data file(.pst), the full form of pst is personal storage table it is a proprietary file format that was built by Microsoft,

.pst file is used to store all your outlook data like receive and sent emails, files, attachments, records, calendar events, and so on, pst file size limit is 2 GB per user account.


Here we have learned all about Microsoft outlook like what is Microsoft outlook, how to configure outlook, how to use Microsoft Outlook, and so on, hope you have understood all about the outlook.

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