What Is Oracle VM VirtualBox? A Free Simple & Complete Guide 2021

what is oracle vm virtualbox

Hello friends, I am Anand Patel, here we are going to talk about VirtualBox, I have got many questions like what is oracle VM VirtualBox, what is oracle VirtualBox, what is VirtualBox, so here we are going to explain all about it.

VirtualBox is an application that provides us a virtual machine, and in that machine, we can virtually install any operating system and use it as we use other operating systems after installing them on our computer.

So, if you have questions like what is oracle VM VirtualBox, what is the use of VirtualBox, how to install VirtualBox, read this post till the end, and you will get all your answers.

What is Oracle VM VirtualBox

Oracle VM VirtualBox is free and open-source software that was created by Innotek, and in 2008, it was axiom by sun microsystems, and in 2010 axiom by oracle, and since that time it is being developed and served by the oracle that’s why it is known as Oracle VM VirtualBox.

VirtualBox is an application that provides us a virtual machine, and in that machine, we can virtually install any operating system and use it as we use other operating systems after installing them on our computer.

Oracle VM VirtualBox is free and open-source software, in VirtualBox, we can create different virtual machines, and in those machines, we can install different operating systems and can use them on our computer without uninstalling our operating system from our computer.

VirtualBox can be installed on different operating systems like windows, Mac OS, Linux, Solaris, and others, and in the virtual machines of the VirtualBox, we can install different versions of different operating systems like Windows 7, 8, 10, Linux, Kali Linux, Mac OS, and so on.

Virtual machines of the VirtualBox think that they are the original machines as we provide them separate space of RAM and ROM memory of our computer, and the operating system on those virtual machines also think that they are installed on a real machine, so they work as a really installed OS on our computer.

The operating system that we install on a virtual machine is called the gest operating system, and the operating system that we install on our computer is called the host operating system.

Here we have learned, what is oracle VM VirtualBox, but you may have questions like what is VirtualBox used for, what is the use of VirtualBox, and what does VirtualBox do, so let’s understand what is the use of VirtualBox

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What Is The Use Of VirtualBox

There can be so many reasons why someone will install and use VirtualBox, but here we are going to tell some main uses of the Virtualbox =>

Use different operating systems

If you want to use different operating systems on your computer, like if you are using windows OS and want to use Mac OS or Linux, then you can virtually use them on your computer from the virtual machine of VirtualBox without uninstalling your original operating system.

Use apps and software of other OS

If you are using Windows OS, and want to use Mac OS’s apps or Linux apps and software on your windows, then you can’t use them, but with the help of VirtualBox, you can install different OS’s on virtual machines and use their apps and software without uninstalling your windows.

Apps and software testing

If you are a software developer, then you may develop different apps and software for different operating systems, and you will need to test them, so you can virtually install those OS on your computer and test them without using any other computer or uninstalling your current OS.

Risk-free installation of different OS

In VirtualBox, we install different operating systems on virtual machines, and we don’t need to uninstall and install OSs on our actual machine, so it becomes easy and risk-free to install and use different OSs.

Here we have learned, what is oracle VM VirtualBox, and what is the use of VirtualBox, now we will learn how to install VirtualBox on our computer, and how to install a virtual machine and operating system on it.

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How To Install VirtualBox

Here we will learn how to install VirtualBox on the Windows operating system, so VirtualBox is a software using which you can install another operating system like ubuntu, kali all different flavor of Linux or even you can install a different version of windows on your base Windows operating system

How To Download VirtualBox

So first, we’ll download our virtual box, so for that, we’ll go to our chrome browser and here in the search bar search for virtual box and the first search result you will see the official website of Virtualbox

what is oracle vm virtualbox

So, just click on it, once you clicked on this one, you will have this official home page of this virtual box, and here you will see some description about VirtualBox, you can go through it, but here we are for downloading this virtual box, so in the left-hand side you have a download link, so just click on it,

what is oracle vm virtualbox

Once you clicked on download, on the next page you will see download links, here they have support for Windows, OS x, Linux, and Solaris for VirtualBox, so here we’ll be installing on windows, so just click on windows, which will start our download, that will take a while, and VirtualBox .exe file will be downloaded.

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How To Install VirtualBox On Windows 10

Now our virtual box has been downloaded, and for installation just double click on the downloaded file, or you can go to your download folder, here you will see the .exe file, so just double click on it, so it will start the installation process

In the first phase, you just have to click next and in the description, it says welcome to oracle VM Virtualbox, and the version is 6.1.16 and click next

So here we’ll see the default settings, and here you can see the location, so the by default location in program files oracle and VirtualBox, if you want to install in a different location, you can click on browse, and you can select your folder on which you want to install, but here I will go with the default settings and click on next

what is oracle vm virtualbox

Once you click on the next, in the next page, you will have different options like in the first one, it says create restart menu and second is create a shortcut on the desktop, and create a shortcut in the quick launch bar, and then register file associates, so check all these, and it will create the shortcuts, and click launch bar and click next

Here it will give some warning about network interface but that is fine and just click on yes

In the next window, you will see the install option, which will start our installation process, here it will give some warnings, don’t worry about it just click on install

You can see the shortcut is already created on the desktop, and by the time our installation process will be completed, and here you will have a checkbook that says start oracle VM virtual after installation, so just check it so it will start virtual box once the installation is completed, and just click on finish

So it will launch the virtual box and you will see the home page of VirtualBox,

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How to install VirtualBox extension pack

If you want to install the extension pack of the VirtualBox, then go to the download page of the official page of the VirtualBox, and bellow the OS download options you will find the extension pack download option, click on it, and download the extension pack of Virtualbox

To install the extension pack open VirtualBox, click on files, then click on Preferences, and then click on extensions, and then click on the + icon to add a new package

what is oracle vm virtualbox

Select the extension file that you have downloaded, and then click on open, in the next window click on install, next in the license page scroll down click on I agree, and then click on yes

If you have done all well then you will get a pop up that your extension is added successfully

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How to install operating systems on VirtualBox

For installing any operating system, first you have to download the ISO file for that operating system, which you can easily download from the internet

what is oracle vm virtualbox

Once you have that ISO file, so on the homepage on VirtualBox, you will see a new option, just click on new, once you click on this one, you just have to give the name for OS like ubuntu, and then you have to select the machine, and by default, it gets the type, select the version of your OS and click next

In the next window, you have to select some configuration for your memory size, which will be used by that operating system that you’re gonna install on this virtual box, so you have to set up all this configuration while installing the new operating system.

what is oracle vm virtualbox

As we don’t know which operating system you want to install, so for better help in installing your OS on VirtualBox, you can take the help of any installation videos on the internet or YouTube

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How To Install VirtualBox Guest Additions

Here we are going to learn how to install the Guest Editions. Now, whether this is a brand new installation or an upgrade from a previous version, you still have to install the latest version of the Guest Editions.

So you have to go to the menu at the top that says Devices and click on Insert Guest Edition CD image.

Now, if you don’t see this the menu at the top, means that you’re in the wrong view, so to fix that, what you have to do, is hold down the right Control key and the letter c. That will get you your menus back. All right. Once you’ve clicked on Devices, Insert Guest Edition CD, click on my File Explorer, and then click on this PC.

Now you see a brand new CD called VirtualBox. So if you had a Windows ISO mounted here or something else, it will be replaced with this VirtualBox Guest Editions. double-click on it.

Now, if it automatically prompts you to run it, go ahead and run it. But if it doesn’t, it just gives you a list of different files, that’s OK. Just click the third one from the bottom and double-click on it or hit Enter, and it’ll launch the right one for your operating system,

So you don’t have to guess which one is the right one. So we’ll click on Next. Here’s where you have the option to change to a different folder if you’d like or just leave the default, and once again, leave the default and click Install.

Now, during this installation, you’re going to see the screen blink on and off. And don’t worry about that. That’s just the display driver getting updated.

The advantage of GuestEditions is, you’ll be able to click back and forth between the virtual machine and the host without having to hit the Control-C to get out of it.

So it does give you some advantage there. It also gives you better video graphics as well. It allows you to change the resolution to be a much better resolution than you would otherwise be able to have.

And it allows you to also have the ability to copy and paste and drag and drop. So we’re going to reboot when it’s all done.

And when it’s rebooted, then you’ll see the option to once again make the video resolution more to your liking. The graphics will be better, and you’ll have all those other features.

So that is how you install or upgrade Guest Editions in VirtualBox.


Here we have learned what oracle VM VirtualBox, what is the use of VirtualBox, how to install VirtualBox, and so on, and we hope that you have learned all the things, but before installing any operating system on VirtualBox, make sure that you know all the process of installation of OS and then install on your VirtualBox.

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