What Is Safe Mode? All You Need To Know About It No.1 Guide


Here we have an aim to know about what is safe mode? As it is the term used frequently in computer science. Let’s suppose someday you power on your computer but facing some problems with operating system opening.

The OS was continuously crashing and showing errors. Perhaps it may be due to several problems like malware, virus, file corruption, or other factors. 

After these sorts of problems, no one wants to remove the operating system but want to solve it in an alternative way without removing the whole OS.

It is vital to know what is safe mode? As the safe mode is allowing the operating system to boot and do its essential functions. Through this, you will be able to identify the potential problem and sort out the possible solution.

This guide will provide the best possible knowledge about the Safe Mode, covering almost all the aspects of the safe mode.

What is Safe Mode

Because there is nothing more frustrating than turning on your computer and it stops working due to some of app or program stopped working. The reason why one should know about What is safe mode?

Safe mode is the tool for troubleshooting and a boot option through which an operating system can open in diagnostic mode. That helps to find the occurring problem and allows us to find a possible solution.

Subsequently, it is used in the system’s troubleshooting a system that failed to boot, crashed, or became unstable after installing an update, device driver, or installing new software.

Safe mode is an operating system troubleshooting. Forgoing in with safe mode particular key is pressed once the system is turned on.

That allows the system to boot with only the required components such as the OS kernel and mouse, keyboard, and fundamental display drivers. When the computer boots up, all running applications are usually ignored.

There is no OS malware on the hard drive when the computer cannot boot due to software or hardware conflicts, and it can boot normally in Safe Mode. In safe mode, you can remove custom data or software components or manually load drivers one at a time to determine the problem’s cause. It starts up.

We talked about the safe mode in the operating system that is a broad term. To become more specific, we should move towards an operating system of a computer and Android.

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What is Safe Mode in Android

Are you an Android phone user? Most of us do. But what if one day you face a problem while starting your android phone. Now it’s time to know about What is safe mode in Android? Before facing any inconvenience in the future.

Problems Faced by Android OS

It should be noted as there can be some apps causing issues with your phone after installation. These issues can be as follow:

  • The phone got freeze.
  • Phone crashes.
  • They are automatically rebooting.
  • Slow processing.

Now, these are severe problems. Everyone wants to handle these problems without losing data.

Benefits of Safe Mode in Android

No doubt, Safe mode on Android is to know everything is fine with your device. Suppose your phone is facing one of the problems mentioned earlier.

The Safe Mode is a great tool to help you determine if a third-party app is accountable for any problems you might have with your smartphone.

It restores the phone to the form it was in the store while keeping its apps and widgets out of safe mode. The reason why, If the user restarts the device and the problem persists.

Then user can easily understand that the device is in error because Safe Mode prevents all third-party apps from running.

What is Safe Mode in Windows 10

Nowadays, Windows 10 is used by the majority of users. So, it is essential to know about What is safe mode in Windows 10? It can face problems like not starting correctly, some of the files are missing, and much more. To know the exact problem, the Safe Mode comes into play.

Operating Windows in Safe Mode helps reduce the source of any trouble and helps troubleshoot the computer. In Safe mode limited set of files and drivers are used as Window 10 is started in its primary state.

Suppose there is no problem while in safe mode. That means there is no concern about the default settings and fundamental device drivers. There can be other issues to be resolved.

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How to Start Safe Mode

After getting enough information about the What is safe mode? Now it’s time to learn about How to start safe mode/How to Enable safe mode? There are different ways to start safe mode in operating systems. We will discuss starting a safe mode on Windows 10 and Android separately.

How to Start Safe Mode on Windows 10

There are following steps to follow in starting safe mode in Windows 10

  • Just press “key + I” and open system Settings.

(You can also go to Settings by directly clicking on the Start Button.)

  • In window of settings select “Update & Security”.
  • Now choose the “Recovery” option.
  • Under “Advanced startup,” select “Restart now.”
  • Wait till your Window restart. Once your computer restarts, then select an option and follow the sequence.

“Troubleshoot=>       Advanced options =>            Startup settings =>            Restart.”

  • After a restart, there will be a list of different options. Select one and press F4 that will start your computer in a Safe Mode.


 Enable Safe Mode means to start operating system with minimum installed drivers and Windows functions.
 Enable Safe Mode with Networking means to start the operating system with networking drivers.
“Enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt” means to start the operating system in text mode. Here the computer commands are required to operate in this mode.

“Now Windows 10 starts in Safe Mode.”


The Window can also be started from the screen of Sign In option.

Foremost Press and also hold the Shift key on the Window Sign-in screen while selecting the Power option, then Restart the Window.

After your PC restarts, the other steps are as discussed above.

Select Troubleshoot => Advanced options => Startup Settings => Restart.

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How to Start Safe Mode in Android

How to enable safe mode on android – Putting your phone in safe mode is not a big deal. You have to follow simple steps, which are according to the versions of Android in the smartphone.

Android 6.0 or later (Old devices):

  1. Turn off your device.
  2. Then to Start your device, press and hold the Power button.
  3. Once your device shows a startup screen, just Press and Hold the Volume down key, your device will start in a Safe Mode after some time.

Android 6.0 or later (Newer devices)

  1. Press the power button, now hold till the power off option appears on the screen.
  2. Tap and hold the power off option until you see the Reboot to Safe mode message.

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How to Stop Safe Mode/How To Exit Safe Mode

That was step by step journey starting from What is safe mode? We have understood how to start safe mode? Now it’s time to know How to stop safe mode/how to exit safe mode.

Once all the problems are known and fixed. Now it’s time to remove the safe mode and let the device usually run. One thing you should know if the device is insisting on booting in safe mode, again and again that means the problem still exists.

How to Exit Safe Mode in Window 10

There can be a simple way to stop safe mode by restarting the system, and there is another way, too, with simple steps to follow.

  1. Go to Windows home screen and press key + R.
  2. The run option will open and type MSConfig, then press OK.
  3. Now go for the Boot tab.
  4. Under different Boot options, now clear the check box of Safe boot.

How to Exit Safe Mode in Android

Once your Android device restarts in safe mode and without loading third-party applications, you can solve the problem. The possible actions taken to solve the problems now it’s time to stop the boot option. There can be two ways of doing so.

  1. The easiest way to turn off Safe Mode is to restart your device. You can turn your device off in Safe Mode as it usually would – until a power icon appears on the screen and press and tap the Power button. When it turns on again, it should be back to normal.
  2. Another way to exit Safe Mode is to drag down from the top of the screen for opening the menu with Safe Mode on the tab – click here to turn off Safe Mode, click on it, and then restart your device, it will start in the normal mod.

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Final Thoughts

At last, it was wholly understood as what is safe mode? And how it works. Also, details about the safe mode activation and deactivation. This guide is best suitable for both windows 10 and android devices.

After reading this, I can assess you are now in a better position to activate a safe mode. It is a bit easy for you to run a disk utility program and repair a corrupted file.

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