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Hello friends, here we are going to talk about SEO, as we all know that if you are a blogger or YouTuber, and if you want to rank on search engines like google, then you must know about SEO.

You have to do proper SEO of your website, posts, videos to rank on search engine, so here we are going to learn everything about SEO whatever you need to know about it.

  1. What is SEO?
  2. How does Search Engine Optimization work?
  3. How to make a website SEO-friendly?
  4. Types of SEO
  5. Importance of SEO

These are the most common questions which are being asked by most of the new website developers and YouTubers. So here we are going to answer your all questions and at the end of the post, you will know everything about SEO and types of SEO with some research you’ll be a master in it.

So let’s understand everything steps by step =>

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It works for optimizing your website to gain more quality and quantity traffic from the organic search engine results.

The main work of SEO is to rank your website in search engines. It works to decide your website’s ranking in google or any other search engine like Bing, Yahoo.

Explanation of used words =>

Organic Search Results

Organic search results mean when you search something in google or any other search engine like if you type how to create a website, so it will show you thousands of results for creating a website these are called organic search results.

Quality Traffic

You can get traffic from across the world but if people are coming on your website because google shows them as a result that you are a smartphone seller of multiple brands but in reality, you are just selling fruits like apple and others. So it is not quality traffic, people must come to your website for the products whatever you are offering them.

Quantity Traffic

Once you start getting quality traffic. People are coming on your website for your products from search engine results pages then as much traffic you get is better for you.

How does Search Engine Optimization work?

The next most asked question is How Search Engine Optimization Works? What are its processes? How it decides the category and ranking of our website, blog, or videos.

In the search engine optimization we optimize our website or blog post as per the algorithm and ranking factors of the search engines and then submit it to the webmasters tools of the search engines.

We all know about Google, Bing, Yahoo these all are popular search engines. So basically first we create our website or blog or YouTube channel’s videos and optimize them and then submit them here, after that Search engine’s robotic tool(crawlers) visits our website and checks as per their algorithms.

They check their all algorithm that how many you have followed on your website. How many algorithms you have followed and how well you have followed, according to this they decide the ranking of your website or video.

So the main motive of search engine optimization is to provide ranking to your website or videos by following the algorithm and ranking factors of the search engines.

Processes of website ranking

Website ranking process works in many steps and a website or video has to face all these steps, we will explain all one by one=>

Website Submission

The first step is website submission. First of all, we create our website and posts and optimize them as per the search engine’s algorithm and ranking factors and then submit them to the webmaster tool of the search engine.

Website Crawl

The second process is website crawling. After submitting the website to the webmaster tool, the search engine’s SEO tool copies all pages from the website and stores them in their search engine’s server.

Website Index

After submission and crawling the next step is indexing. After saving the pages in their server, the search engine tool does indexing of the pages to deliver pages it shows them to users.

Website Ranking

The final step is to decide the ranking of your website, in this process after completing all the above processes they decide the ranking of your website or blog.

They decide the category of the website, the ranking page for the website, on which page it should rank. After this final step, they show the website on search results pages, and from there, visitors can see the website.

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Types of SEO

Here we will discus about types of SEO in detail =>

  1. White Hat SEO
  2. Black Hat SEO
  3. Gray Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

This is the legal and ethical way of SEO, this is called best SEO practices, and recommended by the search engines, here we will discuss all step by step =>

Ethical and Organic SEO

White hat SEO is considered ethical and organic SEO. In this SEO we do all work ethically and organically article writing, optimizing, posting, ranking all the work.

Follow guidelines of a search engine

In white hat SEO, we follow all the guidelines of search engines. Like Google is a search engine and it has its guidelines for article writing and SEO and for all work so here we follow all its guidelines.

Long-lasting growth

White hat SEO is a slow process that means it works slowly in ranking your website but it provides long-lasting growth. In this SEO it will take time to rank your website but once it ranks it will be stable there for a long time.

Recommended SEO

White hat SEO is the most recommended SEO type, if you want real and stable growth of your website then you must use white hat SEO in your search engine optimization.

Build user trust and authority

When you will do all work with white hat SEO ethically and users will get what they are searching for, so it will create user trust, and your website will become trustable and authorize website.

Improve online reputation

white hat SEO improves a website’s online reputation because in this we work ethically and provide the right information about user searches.

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Black Hat SEO

This is the illegal and unethical way of SEO, this is called worst SEO practices, and this is a non-recommended SEO type by the search engines, here we will discuss all step by step =>

Unethical SEO

It is just the opposite of white hat SEO as we can understand by the name. Here we do all work unethically article writing, optimizing, ranking all the work.

Do not follow the guidelines of a search engine

In black hat SEO, we don’t follow any guidelines of any search engine we work as we want and for fast ranking.

Fast unpredictable and short-time growth

Black hat SEO works so fast rather than white hat SEO. Like in white hat SEO if you are getting 100 visitors in a day, so visitors will increase slowly in an organic way.

But in black hat SEO, you can increase an unpredictable number of users in a day but it provides short-term growth and ranking it so much harmful for long term growth.

Can Couse blacklisting of your site

As it is an unethical SEO type and here we don’t follow search engine’s guidelines so if search engine caches your activities so it will blacklist your website.

Black Hat SEO Techniques


1 Article spinning
2 Hidden text
3 Paid links
4 Keyword stuffing
5 Hidden links
6 Clocking

Article spinning

Copying articles and content from other articles is not allowed by Google, but some people do article spinning.

In article spinning, they copy someone’s article and put it in a spinning pot or in software that replaces some words of the article with their synonyms, and they get a new article, and they post it on their website.

But now Google Webmaster tools and crawlers are smart enough they understand what they have done and then they have to face the Google penalty.

Hidden text

Black hat users use a text repeatedly as if they write about MacBook, so they use this word so many times in this article, so it creates a bad user interface.

To solve this, they hide the text by using the same color in the text and in its background. It is also an unethical job, and also can harm so much to your website.

It is also a famous technique of black hat SEO, in this, they create paid links to their website and spread their website links on thousands of websites and places.

So when search engine robots find those links then they assume that this website is providing good information that’s why they rank their website

But it is also an unethical practice and now Google has updated its software, so this technique was working 5-10 years back but not now.

Keyword stuffing

In every article, we use keywords to rank our article, but black hat SEO users use their keyword so many times in their article to rank keyword, it is also a wrong practice, we should always use the keyword as guided in guidelines of search engine.

Hidden links

It is the same as the hidden text they hide these links using the same color in links and the background.


We use keywords in our article which is related to our article but in clocking, they use other keywords also which are not related to their article.

The motive is to get more users, it is also not ethical and not recommended because it creates the wrong user interface and leaves bad impacts on your website.

Gray Hat SEO


It is a mix of white hat and black hat SEO, in this, we use 95% white hat + 5% black hat SEO. we can use this for some time or for some specific reasons,

But it is also not recommended, google is so much strict about its guidelines and rules, and its priority is to provide the most useful content and results to its users.

So in types of SEO, it is highly recommended to use white hat SEO on your website and in your articles. As it is a slow process but provides good results in the long term and stability to your website ranking.

How To Do SEO For website/Blog/YouTube/Ways of Search Engine Optimization

There are mainly three processes to do SEO For website/Blog/YouTube or can say three ways of Search Engine Optimization and your all SEO work is covered in these steps=>

  • Local SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

What Is Local SEO

Local search engine optimization works for your local visitors who are searching for your keywords, website, and business in the local area, so you can establish your local store for them and serve your services and products.

What Is On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the search engine optimization that we do on the page or article before publishing and submitting it to the webmaster tool of the search engine.

After creating a page or post you have to type the content. Then the next step is on-page SEO and it is important because from this we tell crawlers and visitors about our content on the page, about our website, our business, and about our services.

In this, there are so many things to manage like title, tags, focus keywords, media, internal and external links, content size, title readability, content readability. The most important thing in this is to manage ‘KEYWORDS’ because your all traffic, search engine results, ranking all depends on these keywords.

Like if you search on google about computers, so it will show you so many results for your search, but from the top 3 or 5 results, you will click on any of them. So they are on top because they have used the keyword ‘computers’ in their focus keyword for their content.

How To Do On-Page SEO

You have to follow these things in On-Page SEO =>

Title of the article

The title of the article is the name of the article, your article will be known by its title, your title must be catchy and related to your content, and it should give an idea about your post.

Keywords research

You should do proper keyword research about your article that what people are searching for and then add those keywords in your post and title so that when people will search those keywords, your article will be shown in the search results.

URL length

Your article URL shouldn’t be so long, maximum URL length should be 70 characters as per the search engine’s guidelines.

Meta description

The article description is the face of your article, it shows in the search result, it should be a summary of your article and should tell what you are going to provide in your article.

Content length

Your article’s content length should be a minimum of 600 words, as it is mandatory to rank on the search engine, there is no specified maximum length of the content, but you should try to provide all and deep information about your topic.

Headings tags

You should properly categorize your posts in headings and sub-headings, as it helps search engine crawlers to understand your article and increase the readability of the post.


You should use media like images and videos in your article, but that media should be related to your article, and you shouldn’t use any copyright media in your post.

Internal links

You should properly link your other posts and pages with your article so that crawlers and visitors will also visit those posts through those links.

External links

You should also link some authorized sites or posts of other websites that are providing good and relevant information related to your article, it will increase the authority and trust of your post.

Title readability

Your title should be catchy and readable, you should also use some powerful words and numbers in your title as these words increase the curiosity in visitors’ minds.

Content readability

Your article should be easy to understand and readable, you should use simple words and short sentences and try to avoid complex words and long sentences and paragraphs.

What Is Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO starts after publishing and submitting article to the webmasters tools of the search engine, it is mostly related to the promotion of the article.

Here the most important work is to promote your website on social media platforms and on other platforms to get more traffic on your website other than organic search and creating backlinks.

Three are so many websites where you can place your links and get backlinks. If you become successful in getting some backlinks from some famous and reputed websites, so it will create a reputation for your website on google, then google will recommend your website to visitors and users and will help you in growing your business.

How To Do Off-Page SEO

In the Off-Page SEO you should do these things =>

Share article on social media

Create your website’s social media accounts and pages like on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and share your article there, so you will get traffic from there.

Share on forum sites

Create accounts on forum site like medium, reddit and share your posts, and you will also get traffic from there.

Answer on Q&A sites

Participate in your topic-related Q&A on the Q&A site, like Quora, answer those questions in short and leave a link to your website and posts, so will start getting traffic from there.

Create backlinks

Leave your posts and website links on reputed and popular websites of your niche, if you succeed in getting some good backlinks, so they will boost your posts ranking on search engines, and you will get more traffic.

Email marketing

Email marketing is also a popular way of promotion, if visitors have subscribed to your newsletter or from any other way you have collected emails, then you can promote your posts and can send email notifications and get traffic from that.

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Importance of SEO

After types of SEO Now we talk about the importance and benefits of search engine optimization. If you have completed all the processes of search engine optimization in the right way and your website is ranking well on google search engine. So what are the benefits of it =>

Creates a Brand Image

When you have done all well in SEO then you will start getting millions of visitors to your website. They will be visiting your site purchasing your services and products and time by time it creates a brand image of your website.

High Traffic on your website

As your website ranks on Google, people search your keywords, and if your website is coming on 1st, 2nd, or on 3rd result positions. So most of the people in the world click on one of the top three results, which means you will get high traffic. millions of people will be visiting your website daily.

Traffic At Low Cost

If your website is ranking well on google and you are getting millions of visitors that mean you are getting high traffic without and payment or charges.

If you use Google ads word or Facebook marketing or any other marketing tool for ranking your website or getting traffic then you have to spend money. The biggest benefit of SEO is your website ranks and you get high traffic without paying anything.


If you have done all SEO processes as on-page SEO, local SEO, technical SEO, off-page SEO then it will defiantly help your website in ranking and in getting more traffic on your website.

When your website starts getting high traffic then you can place advertisements from Google Adsense or any other ad provider, do affiliate marketing, can sell your own products to enhance your income and revenue.

Growth in Business

When you are getting high traffic millions of people are visiting your website purchasing your products and services. That means you are getting good ROI and in the final, it results in better business growth.

Provide SEO services

If you become perfect in search engine optimization then you can do SEO for other websites, blogs, and YouTube channels and create an extra source of income to enhance your income.

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Important Points And Suggestions For SEO

  1. There are some important points for SEO that should be followed for getting better results =>Your domain name must be relevant to your business and services if you have any keyword in your domain name then it will so much beneficial for you and your business.
  2. Write content first for people and second for search engines that means your content should be simple and readable by visitors.
  3. After domain the second important thing is hosting, take hosting from a good hosting provider so that your website will not become slow on high traffic.
  4. Use keywords in your content title and its description. So it will be easy for search engine optimization to optimize your content and for visitors to find your content.
  5. After creating your website first focus on local SEO then submits your website to the webmaster and search console.
    Use internal and external links so that visitors can also visit your other posts.

If you like our @1 Ultimate SEO Guide-What is SEO, Types of SEO, Importance of SEO for Free post or you have any query or suggestion so comment us.

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