What Is TeamViewer? How To Use TeamViewer? Ultimate Free Tutorial 2021

What Is TeamViewer

Hello friends, I am Anand Patel, and here I am going to talk about TeamViewer, what is TeamViewer and how to use TeamViewer and why we should use TeamViewer

So many times it happens that we have some issues in our system or we want to send/transfer files to someone, or someone needs our help to do some settings or resolve some technical issue in his system,

So for all this, there is one solution TeamViewer, with the help of TeamViewer, we can access anyone’s system remotely from anywhere, and transfer files, make settings, and resolve technical issues.

If you want to know what is TeamViewer, how to use TeamViewer, and the installation process, and all, so be with us till the end, and you will get all the information about TeamViewer and much more

What Is TeamViewer

What Is TeamViewer – TeamViewer is a platform that provides you the facility to access any once systems remotely from anywhere, to make changes in the settings or resolve the technical issue in their systems and transfer files from one computer to another, and much more.

Suppose you are using a computer or mobile, and you are having some issue in your system, or you want to make some changes in the settings, but you don’t know how to do it, but your friend or any other person knows about that,

So, if you both have TeamViewer, then that person can remotely access your computer from anywhere, and resolve your system’s issue and make the required settings

If you work in the office, or you want to transfer big files to anyone, then you can also do that with the help of TeamViewer, just you have to connect your system with that person’s system, and you can easily transfer files to him

Why We Should Use TeamViewer

Here we are going to explain why we should use TeamViewer or the importance of TeamViewer

Remotely Access

We can remotely access any computer with the help of TeamViewer, suppose you have some doc. in your office’s computer, and if you are working from home and want some doc. so you can connect your system with it, and remotely access the information of that system from your computer

Receive And Share Files

With the help of TeamViewer, you can easily receive and share large files with anyone that you can’t do with Gmail or any other app which have files size restriction

Get Expert Help

If you have any issue in your system then you can get the help of an expert and he can resolve your issue with the help of TeamViewer without visiting your place

Help Your Friends

If your friend or any family member has any problem or issue with their system, and they need your assistance in any matter then you can connect with them with TeamViewer and help them

TeamViewer Download

If you want to use TeamViewer, then first you have to download and install it in your system, and that person should also have TeamViewer in his system to connect

To download TeamViewer, go to teamviewer.com, this is the official website of TeamViewer, then click on the download, and in the next window, you will get the options for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and other

Click on windows, and then click on download TeamViewer, and it will start the downloading of TeamViewer setup, after the downloading, you will see the TeamViewer setup.exe file in your downloads

Install TeamViewer

To install the TeamViewer, go to your download folder, and open or double click on TeamViewer setup.exe file, TeamViewer setup window will open, click on run,

In the next window, it will ask how do you want to proceed, check-mark on the default installation, and click on accept-next, and in the next window, click on yes

In the next window, it will ask, do you want to try TeamViewer commercially, so checkmark on no, I only need TeamViewer for personal use, and click on finish, your TeamViewer will be installed in your system

To connect any other system through TeamViewer both systems should have TeamViewer so ask that person to install TeamViewer in their system

Here we have learned what is TeamViewer and how to install TeamViewer now we will learn how to use TeamViewer

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How To Use TeamViewer

On the dashboard of TeamViewer you get a lot of options by which you can use TeamViewer for different tasks. Let’s understand them all one by one.

Remote Control

After installation, your TeamViewer will open, in the remote control section, you will get two option to allow remote control and control a remote computer.

Here you will get your TeamViewer ID and Password, In the control remote computer you have to enter the ID of that person’s TeamViewer account, then you have to choose that you want to control that system remotely or want to transfer files

So select control remotely and click on connect, then it will ask for the password of that computer’s TeamViewer account, so enter the password then click on connect, and you will see his system on your screen and then you can make any changes or settings on this computer from your computer

If you want to allow someone to control your system remotely then provide your TeamViewer ID and password to him, he will access your computer through his TeamViewer and will be able to control your system remotely

Remote Management

In the remote management section, you can make changes in the settings of the remote connections, you should always keep your password setting to random passwords, so every time you will have a different password

So no one will be able to re-connect your system without your permission, and won’t be able to steel or misuse your personal information


Here you can arrange meetings with anyone, you can do presentations, and video calls and phone calls through the internet.

Computers And Contacts

Here you can create a list of computers and contacts who use TeamViewer or with whom you frequently need to connect on TeamViewer


Here you can do chatting with your connected TeamViewer partner

TeamViewer For Mac

If you use Mac and you want to install TeamViewer in your system then first go to the TeamViewer website and download TeamViewer for Mac then open the setup file and follow the installation steps as told above, and your TeamViewer will be installed in your system

One more thing you have to do to connect TeamViewer with others, and that is to tell Mac to allow someone to access your computer, and for that go to accessibility settings, and unlock it, then you will be able to connect with others on TeamViewer

TeamViewer For Android

If you are using android mobile and want to use TeamViewer, then you have to download the TeamViewer app from the play store, or you can go to the TeamViewer website and download TeamViewer APK from there, there are two apps that you will need, to use TeamViewer, first is the TeamViewer app, and the second is TeamViewer quicksupport

TeamViewer App

You will need to install the TeamViewer app on that phone which will access or remotely control other phones, after installation you will need to follow the same connection process as told above, just enter the other phone’s TeamViewer ID and connect it with that phone.

TeamViewer Quicksupport App

You will need to install TeamViewer quicksupport app on that phone which is going to grant remote control to another phone, after installation when you will open that app you will get your ID which you have to tell that person who is going to control your phone

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Is TeamViewer Safe

Before 2016 TeamViewer has some security issues but according to reports developers have resolved all that issues and added some security features

  • Encryption – Whenever you send or receive data on TeamViewer it is transferred in encrypted mode.
  • Two Factor Authentication – TeamViewer has added a two-factor authentication security feature to improve your security.
  • Reset Password – If you find any suspicious activity at the time of your remote connection so you can reset your password.

So TeamViewer is safe to use but you should always be aware and active as nothing is 100% on the internet, you can use VPN to increase your security, always use random and strong passwords, use two-factor authentication, always cross-check your computer and contacts lists, turn off or quit TeamViewer when you are not using it.


Here we have learned all about TeamViewer, what is TeamViewer, how to use TeamViewer, and much more about it. TeamViewer is a good platform to resolve issues and transfer files, but you should always be active and use TeamViewer in safe mode, and should always use all security features to improve your security.

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