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what is the internet

Hello friends, hope you are 100% fit and healthy, we all use the internet in our daily life but if someone asks what is the internet and how does it work? then theoretically, answering this question will be a little bit difficult because we didn’t learn about it and its terminology, we are just using it.

Internet is a global network of computers that are connected all over the world, and the internet allows them to send and receive their data with each other in milliseconds. when someone is connected to the internet, then he can access any type of information from all over the world.

If you are reading this post means you also have some questions in your mind related to the internet, like what is the internet and how does it work? what is the history of the internet? what are the types of internet connection? what is www, IP address, client, server, and many more? stay with us and read this post, you will get all these answers and many more.

What Is The Internet And How Does It Work

Here we are going to learn what is the internet and how does it work, history of internet and all one by one.

What Is Internet

Internet is a global network of computers that are connected all over the world, and the internet allows them to send and receive their data with each other in milliseconds. when someone is connected to the internet, then he can access any type of information from all over the world.

what is the internet

What we understand with the name of the internet, the internet means an international network of computers, when two or more computers are connected, this is called the internet,

The internet is a connection between unlimited computers that are connected all over the world. On the internet, we get information about the whole world, because of the internet this world has become so small.

History Of The Internet

In 1969 human went on the moon, the defense department of America appointed an advanced research project agency (ARPA), they created a network of four computers, and form that network they exchanged and shared their data, after that they approached so many universities to join this network and share their information.

This was the beginning, after that, they appointed engineers, scientists, and researchers, time by time they opened it for private agencies and the public, and the most interesting thing is that none of the agencies maintain the internet.

In India, the first internet service was launched for the Indian public on 15 august 1995 by a government company Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL), and time by time so many private companies like Airtel, Tata, and others also started their internet services.

WWW is a so much large computer network, and for using that network, so many browsers were created like internet explorer, google chrome, Mozilla firefox. For looking at all websites a different and unique identity card was Became recognized as a URL, which is also called a unique resource locator.

There are billions of documents and web pages in www, and in all those web pages there are a lot of texts, images, videos, links in them, which can be seen by hyperlink.

How Does The Internet Work

The Internet is a worldwide network of computers that are connected with telephone wires and satellites. For understanding in a simple way, we divide it into two parts, first is the server where all the information is stored and is shared with all other servers, People get all information from these servers.

The second part is the browser, if you want to access any information which is stored on the server, then you must need a browser, like chrome, internet explorer, or any other. Whenever you connect your computer to the internet, then your machine connects with your internet services provider company’s server such as any telecommunication company, or any other internet service provider company’s server, which is called ISP.

The server of that company connects with all other internets, and with so many browsers. The internet service provider gets so many requests from all these browsers for emails, videos, and others, and if the server doesn’t have that information then it connects with all other internet or host servers of those emails or videos.

For example, as we open youtube and requests for any video, then this request goes to our internet service provider, and then their server searches for youtube.com’s server, and gets information from youtube’s server, and then sends it to the internet service provider, then the service provider sends that information to our browser, and it shows on our screen, by all this method we watch videos on youtube.

Here we have learned what is the internet and how does it works now we will move to other things related to the internet which you use with the internet but didn’t know them.

Important Terminology Of The Internet

If you use the internet you may have seen and listened to so many things related to the internet like URL, IP address, WWW, server, and so on, these all are the terminologies of the internet, and whenever we use the internet, we unknowingly interact with all these things, so here we will discuss all these one by one.

What Is WWW

When we open any website or click on any link in the browser, it opens that website in a window, and we see www before that website name in the search bar. The full form of www is the world wide web, technically it is an information system or collection of data, where all the links of videos, images, texts are stored, which we can access with a URL or link.

For example, this is the internet and there are millions of websites, and these websites are having so many videos, images, texts, and files. All these files are stored in their server, and the information and access links of all these are stored in the world wide web, and for accessing them, we need an address which is called URL.

What Is URL Address

Any website, which we open in the browser has its unique address, which is called URL, and the full form of URL is a uniform resource locator, as it is understood by its name that the work of URL is to locate resources on the web, as all the information is stored in the world wide web.


Whenever you open a website you see HTTP or HTTPS before the URL of the website, so what is the difference between them, and what they are?

The full form of HTTP is a hypertext transfer protocol. In the world of the internet, the simple meaning of transfer is, sending files from one place to another place, and the protocol is called a set of rules, whenever you send any text or file or access information of any other computer from your computer, so in this process, information is being transferred from one place to another, and for this, some rules are made on the internet, which is called the protocol.

For example, you have opened this website, and reading this post, so how you reached this post, and how can you access this post, for all this process, some rules are made on the internet, which comes in HTTP, and because of this you can access the internet. Any file which transfers to any browser or client or server all follows these protocols.

Suppose you filled any form on the internet and submitted it to the server, so the data is transferring from one place to another place, and if there is any hacker or any third person, then he can hack or steal your important data,

as it is transferring from an unsecured path, for securing the path HTTPS is used, which is called hypertext transfer protocol secure, means any data which you transfer is going thru a secure path and no one can hack or steal it in the path.

Because of security, all big companies which have money transactions work or saves debit card, credit card details, they all use HTTPS, you can see a green lock with HTTPS before their URL, Which means that this website is safe and secure for any type of transaction, and any information which you enter here will be encrypted and secure, and no one can hack or steal it.

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What Is The Client And Server On The Internet

In the world of the internet, you must have listened to these two words so many time, but did you know the actual meaning of these words let’s understand them with a simple example =>

Suppose you went to a mobile shop and asked a shopkeeper for a mobile, and he gave you that mobile, so you are a client for that shopkeeper. Same on the internet who request information is called client like we are, and who responds to that request is called server.

As we are asking the shopkeeper for a mobile so we are a client, and the shopkeeper is responding to our request so he is a server. On the internet, the browser is a client because we request any information thru the browser, and where all the information is stored and being transferred to the browser is called the server.

What Is IP Address

You may have also listened about IP address so many times on the internet, the full form of IP address is internet protocol address, on the internet all types of devices like mobile, computer, printer, scanner and so on, which connects to the internet, have their unique id or address, which is called IP address.

Because of the IP address, when someone requests any information on the internet, then the service provider gets information about his location, country, his device, and others. When any scam or fraud happens on the internet, then the police get information about that scammer because of the IP address.

So a protocol is made for every system that, when they will access the internet, will get a unique IP address, so in the future, if any fraud or scam happens, so it will be caught thru IP address.

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Characteristics/Features of Internet

  • Accessibility – The Internet is so easy to access, you just need an internet connection, and from anywhere you can access the internet.
  • Easy to use – The Internet is easy to use, you may have any device like a smartphone, laptop, computer, and any browser, you can use the internet just open your browser and enter your keywords, you will get your desired information.
  • Low cost – Nowadays, internet services provider companies are providing internet services at low cost, and they are also providing unlimited plans.
  • Interaction with other media – With the internet, you can access other media and entertainment sites, like youtube, and watch videos of your interest.
  • Connects with the world – The Internet connects you to the world, you can visit the whole world from the internet, and get news of the world from anywhere.
  • keeps updated – the Internet keeps you updated, as you can access news, and information of all the world without any newspaper and other.

What Are The Types Of Internet Connection

There are mainly four types of internet connections as Dial-up connection, DSL, ADSL, and Broadband. We will learn them one by one =>

Dial-Up Connection

  • Use the facilities of the public switched telephone network(PSTN)
  • Establish a connection to an internet services provider (ISP) by dialing a telephone number on a conventional telephone line.
  • The PSTN consists of telephone lines, fiber optic cables, microwave transmission links, cellular networks, communication satellites.
  • Dial-up requires time to establish a telephone connection ( up to several seconds, depending on the location).
  • perform configuration for protocol synchronization before data transfer can take place.
  • slower connection, can not be used for media streaming.

DSL -Digital Subscriber Line

  • Transmit digital data over telephone lines using a modem.
  • Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL), the most commonly installed DSL technology, for internet access.
  • DSL service can be delivered simultaneously with wired telephone service on the same telephone line.
  • This is possible because DSL uses higher frequency bands for data
  • In symmetric digital subscriber line (SDSL) services, the downstream and upstream data rates are equal


  • Integrated services digital network (ISDN)
  • A set of communication standards for simultaneous digital transmission of voice, video, data, and other network services over the traditional circuits of the public switched telephone network
  • The ISDN standards define several kinds of access interface, such as
    • Basic Rate Interface(BRI),
    • Primary Rate Interface(PRI)
    • Narrowband ISDN(N-ISDN), and
    • Broadband ISDN (B-ISDN).


  • A method of Communication that uses and provides a wide band of frequencies.
  • The wider (or broader) the bandwidth of a channel, the greater the information-carrying capacity.
  • Able to provide speed in Mbits/sec.
  • Mainly ADSL Broadband is used in homes and offices.


Here we have learned all about what is the internet and how does it work, its types and all, the internet has made our life fast and easy, we can get any information from the internet in seconds but we should always use the internet for ethical work and should only use secure sites.

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