Why Domain Name Is Important For A Website Or Business No.1 Easy & Complete Guide

why domain name is important

Hello, friends, I am Anand Patel here we are going to talk about domain names like what is domain name in a website or business, why domain name is important, how to choose a domain name, and so on.

If you are familiar with the internet world and want to make a presence of yourself or your business on the internet, then the idea of creating a website must have been triggered in your mind.

And if you think about the website then the first thing that you will need will be a domain name, so what is domain name, why domain name is required for any website or business, and why domain name is important.

So be with us till the end, and we will find out the best answers to all these questions and much more, so let’s start with the meaning of the domain name.

What Is Domain Name In Website/Business

Meaning of domain – In simple words, a domain name is the name of a website like our website’s name is www.webmastersgyan.com which is called the web address of a website and it is the domain name of the website.

From which system your domain is being operated that is called domain name system(DNS), all the information of your domain is being stored here like IP address and other information related to it.

In earlier times at the place of the web address, there was an IP address(internet protocol address), everything which is connected to the internet has its IP address like the computer, mobile, or any other device.

An IP address is similar to the pin code of cities, courier service works based on pin code.

For example, IP address is like pin code but how many cities pin code you can remember, not so many, but you can easily remember the names of those cities, and can easily relate with the name of those cities.

If I say I live in 482002.5943 or I live in Jabalpur, then you will like to listen to the name of my city rather than the pin code of my city, you can easily remember the name of the city.

And the same problem was there with the IP address and for its solution domain name were created,

IP address – google.com domain name

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From the domain name, you can easily remember the name of any website, but the IP address is not ended, each device/website that is connected with the internet still has an IP address.

The IP address is still present because your computer can’t read any name it can only read IP address, and domain name service helps it in this process.


When someone types the name of any website then the DNS converts the name into the IP address and sends it to the name server of the website.

What Are Name Servers

Name servers are the server of the company from where you have bought your domain name. they store all the information about your domain.

So when any user types any website domain name then DNS converts it into an IP address and sends it to the name servers of the website, and orders the server to provide all the web pages and information of the website to the user.

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Parts Of The Domain

Here are the parts of the domain name for example


HTTPS – On the internet, there is an internet protocol(IP) for all web pages, it is a bundle of rules and every web page has to follow those rules.

There are two types of protocol HTTP(hypertext transfer protocol) and HTTPS(hypertext transfer protocol secure), HTTPS protocol secures the user and information from hackers which you can get through an SSL certificate.

WWW – Full form of www is world wide web it is the sub-domain of the website.

webmasters Gyan – This is the name of the website.

.com – This is called domain extension.

Website name and extension make a unique domain name, if you have registered a domain with any name then no one can register the domain with the same name.

But anyone can change the extension and can register the domain name with different domain extension.

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What Are Domain Extensions

Domain extensions meaning – A domain extension is the last part of the domain name, there are different type of domain name which were introduced for different purposes and different companies and organizations.

Domain extensions are divided into different types like restricted, unrestricted, based on country code, and so on. Here are some examples of top-level domain extensions=>

Top-level domain (TLDs)extensions – .com .org .NET .Edu and .gov comes in the top-level domains

.com – This is the most popular and desired domain extension, this extension is available for everyone without any restriction, anyone can use it as his domain name extension.

.NET – This is the second most popular domain extension after the .com extension, in starting time it was available for networking and internet services-related websites but now anyone can register their domain with this extension.

.org – .org extensions are mostly used by non profitable organizations.

.Edu and .gov – These extensions are restricted top-level domain extensions, if someone wants to create an educational website then he can use the .edu extension and the .gov extension is used for governmental websites.

There are also other country code-based top-level domains and from those domains, you can easily understand that the website belongs to which country.

Like if you open Pinterest in India, then it opens in.Pinterest.com so .in is a top-level domain in India same .uk is the top-level domain for the UK.

If you want to create any blog or website, then you can simply go with .com or .net domain extensions, but if you want any country-specific or any other domain, then check this domain extensions list 2021, here you can find all types of available domains extensions.

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Why Domain Name Is Important

A custom domain name is so much important for any business, website, or blog that want to create their online presence and brand image, here are some key factors that will tell you why domain name is important//why domain name is required =>

Adds Credibility

A domain name adds credibility to your business/website, domain name creates the trust that you have invested money in buying a domain name which means you are serious about your business and will provide a good trustable product, service, or information.

If you use any free web hosting and work on their sub-domain like mybusiness.blogsppot.com then visitor won’t be confident and won’t trust your product and services,

As they will think that when you are not investing in a custom domain that means you are also not paying attention and efforts to provide a good product/service.

Adds Mobility

If you have your own domain name then you can keep it with you at the time of changing your host or moving from one server to another server.

But if you don’t have your own domain name then if you move your business or website from one host or server to another, you will lose your all brand image and ranking.

Because the domain name is the name of your business or website, and people and search engines know it by its name, and if you change your name then it will start all the thing from the starting point.

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Attract Walk-In-Business

If you register any domain name according to the concept of your business, even it is not the exact name of your business, although it can drive so many web surfers to your website.

Like if you are operating a bakery store and register your domain as cookies.com. then when anyone will search for cookies your domain will appear in the search results.

And it will drive so many web surfers to your online store.

Builds Your Brand

A domain name creates the brand value of your products, as time goes your domain becomes old and credible, it gains the trust of search engines and visitors.

And if you provide good services, products, or valuable information on your website then it becomes the brand.

And then whenever visitors need anything related to your products or services. they directly visit your website without searching or going anywhere else.

Improves Search Engine Ranking

If you have registered a domain name that is according to the concept of your business or contains a keyword related to your business then as time goes it gains the trust and authority in that niche.

And as it gets authority it improves the search engine ranking of your website, and whenever you publish a new post or article or launch any new product, it quickly comes in the search engine ranking.

Domain Name Sets User Expectations

As time passes your domain becomes credible and authoritative, and also becomes a brand in the eyes of the visitors, and users set their expectations with your domain.

And if you provide products, services, and information as per the expectations of the users, your domain becomes more trustable and attracts more and more visitors.

Easy Reach For Visitors

Domain names were actually developed and introduced to replace the IP addresses of the websites to make the website’s name rememberable and increase the reach of the users.

If you have an easy and rememberable domain name, then visitors will easily remember the name of your website, and whenever they will need anything related to your niche, they will directly type the name of your website and will visit it.

Here we have learned what is domain name, and why domain name is important, now we will learn how to choose a domain name.

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How To Choose A Domain Name

We have learned why domain name is important but choosing the right domain is also so much important, so let’s find out how to choose a domain name that will be perfect and helpful to improve your business.

If you are planning to register a domain name then your domain name must contain and fulfill these requirements =>

Domain must contain concept of your business

If the domain name that you have decided contains your business name then it is good, but if your business name is not available with the desired extension.

Then you must try to have the concept of your business in your domain name, so it will give an idea of your business to the visitors and search engines.

Like we have our domain name Webmasters Gyan which indicates that we are going to provide web, internet, and technology-related information on our blog.

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.COM Extension

.COM extension is the most popular and trusted top-level domain extension, so if you are creating a commercial website then you must try to get a .com extension in your domain name.

Search engines like google don’t differentiate or provide the ranking based on domain extensions, they treat all extensions as the same.

But .com extension is the most trusted domain extension by visitors, if two websites have the same content and one is having a .com extension and the second is having .NET or any other extension.

Then there are higher chances that visitors will click on the .com domain website’s link, and when visitors will click on the .com website’s link rather than any other extension’s website, then the search engine will definitely rank it up.


It is not a ranking factor that the domain name must contain the keyword of your niche, but if your domain name will contain your main keyword.

So whenever that keyword will be searched on the internet, somewhere your website’s link will also appear in the search results.

And as it will gain some backlinks and authority it will rank up and you will get more visitors.

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Domain name length

Your domain shouldn’t be too long as it will be difficult to remember by visitors, and they can also make mistakes in typing a long domain name, and it will become difficult for them to find it.

The optimum domain name length is 8 words, so you should keep the name of your domain between 8-10 words, it should be simple and easy to remember.

Avoid hyphens and numbers

You should avoid using hyphens and numbers in your domain name because most of the time people forget typing numbers and dash in the domain name.

Like if you register a domain name as webmasters-Gyan.com, then there is a higher probability that visitors can forget the dash(-), and because of it, they won’t find your website.

Easy to spell and memorable

Your domain name must be easy to spell and memorable, so visitors can easily type and memorize it.

According to your business or organization

Your domain name must fit your business type, as if you are going to sell products and services or want to earn money from your website(for commercial use), then you should choose .com or .net extension.

But if you are going to register a domain for educational purposes or a non-profitable organization, then you should choose .edu or .org extension, and the same with other niches.

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What To Know Before Buying A Domain Name

Here we have learned why domain name is important, and how to choose a domain name, but there are some other things that you should remember/consider before buying a domain name,

So let’s understand what to know before buying a domain name =>

Avoid trademark

You shouldn’t use trademarked words in your domain name otherwise the trademarked company can send you legal notice, and then you will be in problem.

like there is google.com, and if you registered a domain name like howtogoogle.com, then Google can take legal action against you.

Social media handles

If you register a domain name, then you will also create social media accounts for the promotion of it, but if someone has already created social media account with that name

Then you won’t be able to create social media accounts with that name.

To find the perfect domain name and check the availability of social media handles you can visit domaintyper.com, and search for your desired domain name.


History of the domain

You must check the history of the domain that you are going to buy because if someone has already used it before, then its old good and bad image can affect your website, to check the history of any domain visit archive.org


Here you can enter the domain name, and if the domain has been used before then it will show you it’s all history, and you can also see the screenshots of old content on that domain.

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Banned by ad networks

You should also check the banned status of the domain, it may happen that the domain name which you are going to buy has been used by someone in the past, and may have been banned by ad networks.

If the domain has been banned in the past then you can not place ads from ad networks like Google AdSense on that domain, to check banned status visit adsensechecker.com and enter the domain name.

why domain name is important

It will show you the banned status of the domain and if it is banned, then you shouldn’t buy it.

Penalized by search engines

If the domain that you are going to buy has been penalized by the search engines like google in the past, then your website and posts won’t appear in the search engine’s search results.

So you should also check penalized status of the domain, to check penalized status first check the history of the domain as told above.

Then if you find the history. then in the google search bar type site: then your domain and search. if it shows the old search results that means it is not banned.

But if you didn’t find its history and if it is a fresh domain. then it will not show any result in the search, and that doesn’t mean that the domain is panelized.

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Backlinks and spam score

You should also check for the backlinks and spam score of the domain as if it is used by someone in the past, and if he has created so many spam backlinks, and posted so much spam and copied content on his website.

Then there will be a high spam score of the domain and so many bad backlinks that will negatively affect your website and domain.

To check backlinks and spam score visit websiteseochecker.com, and enter the domain name, and if someone has worked on it, then it will show you all details like spam score, backlinks, and all.

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Here we have learned what is a domain name, why domain name is important, how to choose a domain name, and much more, hope you have understood all the things, and now you won’t have any problem finding the best domain for your website or business.

If you like this post then tell us your views in the comment section, and for more blogging and technology-related information also read our other posts.


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